100% Proof Ferguson STAGED Media RACE WAR Operation! WAKE UP AMERICA!

100% Proof Ferguson STAGED Media RACE WAR Operation! WAKE UP AMERICA!


Video Description:

The Ferguson race war and martial law operation is in full swing, and this video shows how and why it is being done. The masses will take the bait hook line and sinker and fall right into the race bait trap. NOTE: No Ferguson locals were firing guns! The media lied and said people in the 9th Ward/New Orleans were firing upon rescue helicopters. The FAA had zero reports from pilots that they were being fired upon. ALL LIES! Please share this video and wake as many as you can up to this and the media deception!


Ferguson Riots FULLY EXPOSED! NWO Divide and Conquer = All Smoke & Mirrors

Ferguson Hoax – hollywood production for sure!

Chris Hayes Dodges Gunfire In Ferguson | msnbc

CNN Anchors Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon Gets “Tear Gassed” in Ferguson Riots

Ferguson PsyOp EXPOSED – Race War / Martial Law / Police State Operation Underway



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    the truth is good! November 29, 2014

    YOU TUBE:just 48 hours after the malaysian air,crash the family is happy,with a big SMILE…i hope peekay22 channel makes a new video of these three video’s…or some other you tube channel….free radio revolution-red pill revolution…etc…PLEASZZZZZZZE!…check also this out!!:YOU TUBE:di rupo tomorrowland festival-7-20-’14…GOOGLE:di rupo tomorrowland festival-7-20-’14 photo’s…SHOCKING!!this was the president of BELGIUM,AT 20 OF JULY…three days after the mh17 “crash”HOAX!!there were also 4 belgium “deaths”..look how HAPPY he is?!?!?A MUST SEE…peekay22?free radio revolution?red pill revolution?….others…please do something with this new INFO….thanx

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    the truth is good! November 29, 2014


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    the truth is good! November 29, 2014

    off Topic but PLEASE look at these 3 video’s on you tube:hoax!2 bottles of whiskey survid mh17 air flight cras….(look also at the laptop?!?)on this same you tube chhannel…there is a video of 2 parents and a son having there time of there life,just 28 hours after the mh17 “crash”HOAX….happy after 48 hours with a big smile!and this video:the stories of three passengers of the mh17-cnn…(look at the happy guy with the blue shirt…48 hours also after the mh17 “crash”HOAX!),,,please share these 3 video’s and look at these video’s……A MUST SEE!

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