100% Proof Ottawa Shooting Staged

100% Proof Ottawa Shooting Staged


A close up look at CPR being performed on Cpl. Nathan Cirillo shortly after he was shot in Ottawa by alleged gunman, Michael Joseph Zehaf-Bibeau at the National War Memorial.




All wrapped up in a neat little bow and the public will still swallow the lies that this was a real event.




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UPDATE: The Evidence Mounts:

Meet Nathan Cirillo Crisis Actor


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  1. Avatar
    Kelly Richard January 31, 2015

    All part of mega private I.T. corporation, CGI’s, plan to become our “BIG BROTHER”…

    “CGI greatly values its continuing partnership with Department of Homeland Security in support of its mission to protect the homeland, prevent terrorism…”…


    “CGI…For more than 30 years, we’ve partnered with U.S. defense, civilian, and intelligence agencies”…


    “CGI is launching a Canadian defence, public safety and intelligence unit based on similar efforts in the United States.”…


    Contract Stephen Harper & his government awarded CGI with the Canadian Department of National Defence — the government department that employs Martin Magnan, one of the 5 fake Ottawa shooting false flag hoax heroes — worth more than $25 million dollars, just one of many…


    Contract with the RCMP — significantly involved in the Ottawa shooting hoax — Stephen Harper & his government awarded CGI worth more than $15 million dollars, just one of many…


    CGI’s contract with Justice Canada — the government department that employs Barbara Winters, one of the 5 fake Ottawa shooting false flag hoax heroes — worth more than $36 million, just one of many multi-million dollar contracts with Justice Canada Stephen Harper & his government have awarded CGI…


    “CGI is a leading provider of IT services to nearly 100 federal civilian, provincial and municipal agencies in Canada, as well as the defence, public safety and intelligence community. “…


    “CBC News reported earlier this month that the new anti-terror legislation will likely include provisions to allow increased information-sharing between federal agencies, currently limited by privacy laws.”…


    CGI employee, Barbara Fast, part of the CGI Initiative for Collaborative Government team working for Homeland Security/the NSA, speaking for the director of the NSA, Gen. Keith B. Alexander…


    “CGI’s Initiative for Collaborative Government…Government today collaborates with the private sector in executing a broad range of mission functions…Specific examples of “collaborative government” include…public-private partnerships and CROSS-JURISDICTION DATA EXCHANGES, just to name a few. The Initiative is focused on helping federal government agencies capitalize on collaborative government models to enhance mission results.”…


    The evidence supports that it’s not Five Eyes, but rather it’s becoming ONE BIG EYE, CGI, the world’s real life “BIG BROTHER”…


    “CGI Awarded Prime Contract on Multiple-Award ID/IQ with US$2.5 Billion Program Ceiling by the U.S. Army Forces Command…Contract enables delivery of fast, wide-ranging, worldwide mission support”…


    The substantial evidence I’ve accumulated — which is too much to post here — supports that CGI, a mega private I.T. corporation in partnership with the U.S. Government & military, including that they do the cyber spying & data collection for the NSA, AND the 1%, & who are also partners with Stephen Harper & his government, who have awarded CGI contracts with the Canadian Government worth more than a BILLION, outsourcing an extreme amount of the work done by the Canadian Government to CGI & placing thousands of CGI employees into almost EVERY department of the Canadian Government, including the Department of National Defence & the RCMP, & that Stephen Harper even appointed a key member of CGI’s Board of Directors, a major CGI stockholder, as GG, are the ones behind the Ottawa shooting false flag hoax & who significantly benefited from it, including it being used to orchestrate CGI being given MILLIONS, if not BILLIONS, more in national security contracts, & given even more power & control over Canadians & their personal & private information, etc…


    “Powell also claimed TPG submitted the lowest bid, winning the contract “fair and square.” He said the tender was altered to favour CGI”…


    “Feds wasting millions on middlemen agencies, contractor says…CGI, a large Canadian IT firm, has an ongoing contract to take care of the revenue agency’s IT needs…”…


    “CGI’s Document Management Services to provide print and mail services nationwide to Canada Post”…So CGI can monitor & track ALL of our mail…


    “CGI and Interac Association ensure stability of three billion annual transactions”…So CGI have access to a record of every ATM transaction we make & when & from where, etc…


    “Canada’s top telecom providers, serving 23 million wireless subscribers, have chosen CGI for our IT services expertise…We’ve built long-term partnerships with Canadian clients, such as Bell Canada”…


    & on & on & on…

    “The control of information is something the elite always does, particularly in a despotic form of government. Information, knowledge, is power. If you can control information, you can control people.” – Tom Clancy

      • Avatar
        UpNorthOfThe49th February 08, 2015

        Good site for info Kelly however your link is dead it goes to a deleted page

        • Avatar
          Kelly Richard February 18, 2015

          Canada’s Secret “BIG BROTHER”, Canada has a real life secret “BIG BROTHER”, and I can prove it, including that they are very likely the ones behind the Ottawa shooting false flag hoax.”…


          If you click on link above you will find substantial evidence proving that mega private global corporation, CGI, are in fact Canada’s secret “BIG BROTHER”, and proving that CGI are VERY likely the ones responsible for the Ottawa shooting false flag hoax, including that EVERYONE involved in the Ottawa shooting false flag hoax, including the gunman’s mother, has a significant connection to CGI, AND that CGI specialize in conducting military SIMULATIONS, also known as wargames, and have a clear and substantial motive for orchestrating the Ottawa shooting false flag hoax!

          “CGI Defense and intelligence Delivering mission-critical results in complex environments
          “Since 1976, CGI has helped our military and intelligence clients deliver large-scale, complex programs across logistics, operations, communications, intelligence, systems engineering, military health, training, simulation and infrastructure.

          Our long-standing client relationships in the United States, Canada and Europe—and the many former senior military and intelligence personnel working at CGI…”


          Military simulations, also known informally as war games, are simulations in which theories of warfare can be tested and refined without the need for actual hostilities. Many professional analysts object to the term wargames as this is generally taken to be referring to the civilian hobby, thus the preference for the term simulation.

          Simulations exist in many different forms, with varying degrees of realism. In recent times, the scope of simulations has widened to include not only military but also political and social factors, which are seen as inextricably entwined in a realistic warfare model.

          Whilst many governments make use of simulation, both individually and collaboratively, little is known about it outside professional circles. Yet modelling is often the means by which governments test and refine their military and political policies.”


          Here is evidence proving that the colonel that oversaw the unit that trained Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, who was supposed to have been shot and killed during the Ottawa shooting hoax, works for CGI, and has since May of 2012.

          “OTTAWA ATTACK
          United in mourning at National War Memorial
          All day Thursday, people came to pay their respects, lay flowers and stand in solidarity at the memorial where Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was shot and killed.

          …That sentiment was echoed by many others, including former military colonel Robert Kearney, who oversaw the unit that trained Cirillo. “He was top-notch, like most Canadians are,” said Kearney, who could think of nothing more “perverse” than what unfolded. “It’s sacrilegious to go and attack a soldier up there. What coward comes up and shoots someone like that?” said Kearney. “It’s absolutely terrorism.”…


          Colonel Robert Edward Kearney retired from the Canadian Army in May 2012, from his position as Chief of Joint Domestic Operations for Canada, Canada Command…Colonel Kearney presently serves at CGI as Director of Business Development, Public Safety Portfolio within the Defence, Public Safety, and Intelligence Division. He holds an active Top Secret security clearance with Special Access Level III (Military and Interagency) and Nato Top Secret Cosmic (granted in 2012)…


          To view much more evidence… http://www.thekellymarierichardcase.com

          • Avatar
            UpNorthOfThe49th February 19, 2015

            Thank you Kelly. Sometimes the comments are juicier than the articles. I will post this for now and try and build an article for you upon my return home. Sorry out of town at the moment.

  2. Avatar
    CLINTON OMAN November 13, 2014

    can u say HOAX…

  3. Avatar
    Vlad November 13, 2014

    FYI 6:55 Twitter time is 9:55 AM EDT, which happens to coincide with the time the shooting took place.

    • Avatar
      UpNorthOfThe49th November 13, 2014

      FYI Tweets post at the Twitters time not at the head office of Twitters time. Post are according to the time the person put it out. The guy was in Ottawa. FYI also the person who made the video shows the tweet is not at their time (Central) but at the time of the person who put it out. If your in New York your saying your time will show 6:55 if your actually at 9:55 so all the world posts at Twitter’s Office’s time. Come on that’s a lame point. Don’t be a twit and look into Twitters format.

  4. Avatar
    harp November 12, 2014

    Well you faked the 911 so there piss off……………………..

  5. Avatar
    Al November 12, 2014

    The fact that there are barricades already there does not prove any point of this being staged. If you look closely (as you all claim you had) you’d see that the barricades that were surrounding the monument are STILL THERE while new barricades are used to block off the larger crime scene. If the original barricades were there in advanced for the convenience of the police, wouldn’t they have just taken those ones? The tape is still in place as well. As for the camera angle on the CPR scene, “why is that woman’s head blocking the view of the guys hands compressing?”, because those people weren’t thinking “oh I should angle my body the other way so that the camera can get a good shot of us trying to save this mans life.” Just a disgusting display of conspiracy theory you have here.

    • Avatar
      34Years in Khaki November 13, 2014

      The barricades were there because the National War Memorial was being updated to include reference to those who served in the Second Boer War, the War in Afghanistan, and to “formally recognize all Canadians who served in the past, who serve today, and who will serve in the future. These additional references were formally unveiled during the re-dedication ceremony on Remembrance Day 2014 with Princess Anne present.

  6. Avatar
    lucy trudeau November 11, 2014

    we have a young man dead and will never return no matter what . if this really did or didn’t happen the way it was told then they should be charged accordingly. Has this video been brought to the media eyes maybe it should to see what they have to say about all this . but it still remains that we have lost a young man may he rest in peace

  7. Avatar
    Al Albert November 11, 2014

    Operation Determined Dragon” (code name “EX DD14″) link:http://www.forces.gc.ca/en/operations-exercises/ddragon.page, planned event, period. Show the world one picture of a drop of blood from the patsy who was shot sooooo many times inside the parliament…then I’ll shut up.

    Redacted news about bullet holes, seen on google maps in 2008. No blood at the memorial, no blood on EMS workers’ gloves. No Chest movement from fake CPR. No partner in a kilt to be found helping (no blood on his gloves either hint: he said he held a bullet wound on his partner, more lies. I’m very ashamed of my “Canadian Government” for the liars that they are.
    If I see one more goddamn picture of a puppy dog /dog on CBC NBC, or any other bullshit ‘supposed’ news network, I will barf.

    • Avatar
      Dave Perras November 30, 2014

      Al I have been a medic in Ottawa for 25 years,This was my call.Not fake.My uniform and gloves were covered in blood to the point I had to put a plastic sheet on front seat on the way back to H.Q.2 entry wounds and 2larger exit wounds. I applied occlusive dressings to both. You may now shut up! sir . Disgraceful!!!

  8. Avatar
    Kent Freedom Movement November 05, 2014

    Shakespeare said “The World’s a stage” and maybe today he would say most Politics and indeed much else is just staged managed.

    Most so called “terrorist attacks” are actually false flag events with wider Geo political aims with domestic consequences like loss of freedom and “laws” enacted allegedly aimed at combating terrorism but in truth always used against the wider public.

    It would take to long a post to explain all this but if you Canadians think Harper is not part of the game then watch this youtube video where he reads his script like the good puppet he is along with the other puppet in Australia.


    Some of you people on this thread would be better served by taking in what this site has to say rather than shooting the messenger. (no pun or disrespect intended)

    • Avatar
      UpNorthOfThe49th November 05, 2014

      Very well said, some logic in the mix of emotional madness. Thank you

  9. Avatar
    Cory November 04, 2014

    Pretty sketchy

  10. Avatar
    lew November 04, 2014

    Some people have nothing better to do with there time, it’s been two weeks since this happened, why don’t you just drop it and let us all move on with our lives. Let Nathan REST IN PEACE like he deserves.

  11. Avatar
    rhonda November 04, 2014

    Maybe his mother, or his friends don’t think it’s real either. Have a little respect for what happened to this soldier. Why would your country stage this? ISIS is real. No need to fake a death to get involved. People are being beheaded right here in America. I’m going to do you a favor and delete this off my Facebook. Not allow this to spread in my little world. That is what I can do. I realize guns are bad to you but here in America we have the right to defend ourselves. Btw how did this fellow get a gun?

    • Avatar
      yourHIGHness November 12, 2014

      Hey Rhonda, nobody is saying that the people who lost their lives didn’t really lose their lives. They were used as pawns in the end game for the implementation of new terrorist and anti-immigration laws in Canada. Who owns these Canadian news networks reporting these facts? We know that the news reports what they want us to know, not the reality of the situation.

      • Avatar
        Jenni November 13, 2014

        Canadians get their guns smuggled in from the States.

        • Avatar
          UpNorthOfThe49th November 13, 2014

          The border is so tight no one honest can smuggle anything in. If guns are smuggled then its by design, for criminals. Agent payoffs or what not. Your lucky to get an extra pack of smokes across without paying a heavy price for them. The criminals will always have guns, its the honest ones they are stopping from having them to protect their families with.

  12. Avatar
    dfagdfgsdfgsdfg November 03, 2014

    You guys are fucking retarded, they did the CPR below the chest BECAUSE HE GOT SHOT DIRECTLY INTO HIS FUCKING CHEST. THEREFORE if they did CPR directly to his chest it would be pushing the bullet further and further into him cause more damage to him and making him bleed out quicker.

    • Avatar
      UpNorthOfThe49th November 03, 2014

      No if you had paid attention to the story line he was shot in the back on his left side, as MB came around the monument. CBC reported “Shot on his left side and spun around on his back.” That was one of the first things CBC reported. That is why they are saying this is so cowardice. Your Heart is in the center of your chest, not on your left nor right, although you place your right hand over your left side to signify your heart. That is not the location of the heart. If you notice they are pumping on his left side. Why would they pump on the wounds? Remember when your point 1 finger at someone and calling them names your pointing three back at yourself. So I guess the best response to you would be “Back at ya buddy” X 3 !!!

      • Avatar
        Badjib November 03, 2014

        Glad to know you passed anatomy, remind me….what is the front side of the back called? oh right the chest….darn how could i forget that? It looks to me like they were pressing on the left side of his chest, could be the bullet was in the other side, and pushing on his stomach? look at the guys arm placement, either he has rubber arms or Canadian’s have more joints in their arms then Americans do. Seriously get a straight edge and look where his hands would be falling, further more, why fake it? If they wanted to psyche us out they could have just had government agents carry out the event…seriously think things through how about that?

        • Avatar
          UpNorthOfThe49th November 04, 2014

          You State: “could be the bullet was in the other side”. Not according the the CBC in their early reports. I have no idea currently what they are saying, however that was the initial report. As for the hands CPR dictates you place the hands to the sides while administering CPR. “further more, why fake it? they could have just had government agents carry out the event” Really you can’t understand they DID!!! Seriously, please yes do think things through. You can’t imagine they would pull something like this off on you. It shatters your imaginary trust in what you think your government would never do. Well history backs my stance, they have done it many many times. Sorry to break it to you and you don’t like the facts. How about that?

          • Avatar
            Bevela November 12, 2014

            For someone who continuously points out how inaccurate the media can be, you rely heavily on their reports to defend your beliefs. Remember during a tragic event they dont have all of the information, that is why their reports are everywhere. As for the third shooting, that was confirmed as a false alarm.

        • Avatar
          Jetsin March 09, 2015

          Your post captures the issue pelyfctre!

      • Avatar
        temperance November 05, 2014

        Why, with every compression, does his body not move at all? Not even pumping on his body by my perception Mr dfag.

  13. Avatar
    Mayzee November 03, 2014

    I was there… or maybe I just imagined it? I lived through this, you dimwit.

    • Avatar
      UpNorthOfThe49th November 03, 2014

      Wow! So much for intellectual discussion/conversation, with all the name calling on here. Where were you on the grounds or right in the action? Many people were right around there, however not actually right where it happened. 99% were cleared away from the scene right away unless they were part of the event. Were you part of the event?

  14. Avatar
    Bruce November 02, 2014

    possibly doing work on the monument before Nov 11th ? you can buy yellow work tape at Home Depot….. and yes there are Aliens working at McDonald’s, you may want to look into that.

  15. Avatar
    Wacky November 02, 2014

    Perhaps elvis is under the tarp and is going to be introduced! all this “evidence” is speculation, nothing more. perhaps they are working on the steps and have it taped off with the barricades so no one goes on it. This is no better then the media.

  16. Avatar
    courtney November 02, 2014

    get a job.

  17. Avatar
    Sally November 02, 2014

    I don’t understand the point of this video are you saying you think Nathan is still alive becus he surely isn’t he was my friend and I was at his funeral he isn’t alive … So it this is the point your fucked

  18. Avatar
    Kel November 02, 2014

    it makes no sense why they would fake it.

    • Avatar
      Jade February 16, 2015

      The same reason why they fake terrorism in the US…they want to scare us so they can eventually take away our rights.

  19. Avatar
    Anna Banana November 02, 2014

    Great job! Did you analyze the first video from the event? There are two men running towards Parliament building behind them there appears the shooter. The weird part is that the two men don’t try to get away from the gunman but just run in the same direction the shooter is running from the pavement turning to the right…Would they just try to get away …go to the side or return or just stop …anything…why were they running into the building knowing the shooter is heading right there!

  20. Avatar
    kra November 01, 2014

    prolly just wanted a reason to ramp up security across the whole nation; like what is happening in the states. Quietly instituting martial law and excessive, unnecessary violence against citizens, raids into citizens homes to acquire any means of defending oneself. Staging events to put new laws into place to make it hard to purchase a firearm or carry a firearm anywhere.

  21. Avatar
    Ger October 31, 2014

    Perhaps they had barricades laying down flat under the tarps for quick assembly after the “shooting”!!!

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