100,000 US Children Behind Bars

100,000 US Children Behind Bars


Every year in the United States, an estimated 250,000 children under the age of 18 are tried, sentenced or imprisoned as adults. And of these, around 100,000 actually end up in adult jails and prisons, with many spending time in solitary confinement. This is despite the fact that the US Supreme Court has agreed that children are less deserving of blame than adults and usually deserve a chance at redemption. While the United Nations says that children who commit crimes should be placed in a closed facility as a measure of last resort. We take a closer look.

Hoax events like the Franklin School Stabbing allows lawmakers to force the courts to try children as adults. The money is in the care and maintenance of criminal offenders. Follow the money and the agenda is clear. Taking juvenile’s and placing them into the larger systems of the justice corporation. We need to be careful of what we ask for. Children’s lives are at stake even for minor infractions.

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