This Russian website shows stunning photos of what appears to be Stonehenge being built. The author provides a detailed information about how the British government/military built this new age cult site and speculates the fact that it may have actually built from scratch or at least remodeled. The author also contends it may be a replica of the original. The pictures are stunning nonetheless.

Below is a rough Google translation of the author’s analysis.

Note: I suggest you save a copy of these photos “just in case” they disappear or the website gets conveniently shut down. You never know…


Stonehenge. Filming 1954-1958 yy
At all times, all governments (and especially outside – and nadpravitelstvennye circles) engaged in forgery. Pictures of 1954 and 1958.


The first reaction of some readers who continue to say something about the ” recess “, ” restoration” , ” replacement ” , ” ancient megaliths ,” convinced that without explanation did not do. In the early photos , ranging from the 1st , which is higher than you see white circles denoting the space for future ” megalith ” . This is the ” scope of work ” for builders . Layout object from the customer , made with lime in the wells of the blue , pristine lawn. ” Megaliths ” not pulled out as carrots , leaving no trace of this procedure.

Next, consider if the pictures closely, you will find both military and barbed wire in the area, and other details , saying that at a certain point in the future ” cyclopean building ” ancient Druid atlanto – asura- siriyanto – Aryans was protected sensitive sites . See ” customer representatives ” who are not officials , builders, workers, the surrounding residents. Has “initiated ” with some of my bookmarks and equipment. Stonehenge – ” Space Portal “, ” energy crystals “, etc., etc. played an important role in the presentation associated with the ” apocalyptic “, ” irregular ” and the rest, took care of that when tab . Until the same time the appointment of construction thereof – biological and spiritual contamination. Which is illustrated by modern photographic materials at the end of this post.























The author even provides some , as he calls them ” little known facts ” :

1. First near Stonehenge military exercises were held in 1898.
2 . From that time until the Second World War, the Ministry of Defence bought up large tracts of land in the area
3 . Currently, the Ministry of Defence owns 390 square kilometers (!) In the vicinity of Stonehenge , some of which are closed permanently to other access is severely limited . ( By Wikimapia border nearest military base – a mile from these stones to the north, and the military airstrip – 5 kilometers to the south- east).
4 . In the past, in the vicinity of Stonehenge were carried branch railway and airport, both were subsequently removed (there are other sources that the military airfield was much closer , at a distance of one mile from Stonehenge )
5 . In 1943 the village of Imber ( 15 kilometers from Stonehenge ) and village Par Hinton were evicted . In the article about Imber says that to this day the village is under the control of military
6. In 2 kilometers north of Stonehenge located Royal Artillery School , which conducts real shooting 340 (!) Days per year
7. At 9 kilometers south -east , with the military airfield , located Defence Science and Technology Laboratory , whose work is primarily classified.
8. Another 17 kilometers to the west of Stonehenge is a military base and the Air combat helicopter airport ” Apaches “
9. In the area of Stonehenge is not conducted agricultural activities because of the danger of running into a dud , which for centuries has accumulated a lot. Because of this, green meadows around Stonehenge acquired scientific value (Site of Special Scientific Interest) as are the latest natural lawns in England , perhaps – and throughout Europe .

So, to summarize :
– Stonehenge around for over 100 years – closed area , guarded by the military patrolled by military aircraft and helicopters , with daily artelleristskimi firings.
– Local residents evicted during the Second World War, under the pretext of exercises; villages took control of the military, the situation persists to this day.
– Selkohozyaystvennaya activity over large areas of the plains , where the Stonehenge prohibited
– On the territory there was an infrastructure that enables large-scale construction (including airports, railway line ) , which was later abolished as unnecessary

Perhaps a more suitable place for the construction of Stonehenge was hard to find … “

In other words, everything is clear. On the territory protected by the British War Department , consciously and purposefully been erected this ” center of ancient civilization “, ” heritage of the great ancestors ,” ” Monument of Humanity” , which became (not by itself , clearly put ) the most important religious center at least deliberately inculcated ” spirituality ” .

There is no doubt that the most ” heritage of humanity ” and ” spirituality ” , is an important attribute of this means ” heritage ” and ” science ” that unfolded around thereof ” heritage ” colossal scale their “research” one customer .


















restavraciya-0070 (1)








restavraciya-0078 (1)

















restavraciya-0095 (1)











restavraciya-0106 (1)





In the following excerpt from Wikipedia they mention excavations of a pit below ground. Nothing to do with a larger massive renovation (or build) above ground.
Source: Wikipedia



Excavations at Stonehenge

(according the Wikipedia no excavation on large mass occurred in 1954 if you search the term Stonehenge excavations) (However if you just search Stonehenge they make mention of a restoration project)

Throughout recorded history Stonehenge and its surrounding monuments have attracted attention from antiquarians and archaeologists. John Aubrey was one of the first to examine the site with a scientific eye in 1666, and recorded in his plan of the monument the pits that now bear his name.

William Stukeley continued Aubrey’s work in the early 18th century, but took an interest in the surrounding monuments as well, identifying (somewhat incorrectly) the Cursus and the Avenue. The most accurate early plan of Stonehenge was that made by Bath architect John Wood in 1740. His original annotated survey has recently been computer redrawn and published. Importantly Wood’s plan was made before the collapse of the southwest trilithon, which fell in 1797 and was restored in 1958. (Wiki) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stonehenge

This video is a collection of photographs., believed to have been taken during the period 1954-1958., a part of our rich ancestry, our social history. As you can see from the photographs., the restoration of the collapsed southwest Trilithon, was just part of the restoration of Stonehenge, or was this the rebuilding, only you CAN DECIDE.


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If you review the pictures on Wikipedia the stones seem much smaller than they do in todays videos and pictorial evidence: As well the stones have definitely been moved around. These pictures are provided on the wikipedia site.

A giant helps Merlin build Stonehenge. From a manuscript of the Roman de Brut by Wace in the British Library (Egerton 3028). This is the oldest known depiction of Stonehenge.

Farm carts near the site, ca. 1885

10th Battalion, CEF marches past the site, winter 1914–15 (WW I); Background: Preservation work on stones, propped up by timbers

Post-World War I aerial photograph

seventeenth century depiction of Stonehenge

An early photograph of Stonehenge taken July 1877

The monument from a similar angle in 2008 showing the extent of reconstruction



Stonehenge stones being repositioned during restoration work in 1914

Archaeologists sifting through soil at Stonehenge during restoration work Workmen working to raise stone using jacks Stones of Stonehenge as lifting operations continue Archaeologist looking through theodolite and directing lifting operations Archaeologists measuring stone Crane Manually operated crane lifting stone into place Stone being lifted.

Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction: There has according to many Main Stream Archeology information sites never been a massive excavation of Stonehenge yet here it is proof Stonehenge was manufactured as a tourist site in 1954. These pictures are proof the so called certified academia lie to the public in order to create drama and misinformation about our past.  We are being fed lies and deception at every turn. Just consider the statement out of the Mainstream stipulating there has never been an extensive site search prior to the latest release associate with this article. http://www.maxresistance.com/hidden-stonehenge/

Was Stonehenge built around myth and folklore then fabrications and pictures created to perpetuate a lie? Or is Stonehenge what they say it is, an Ancient Druid Monument? Old picture forgeries are easy to manufacture. However a whole event of them are not. Was Stonehenge nothing more than a vacant circle in a field surrounded by stories and later developed for tourism? You decide.


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  1. Avatar
    Kevin May 14, 2016

    So I suppose that Thomas Hardy was in on the conspiracy, given that he mentions Stonehenge in ‘Tess of the D’urbevilles’ (1891). Darwin conducted experiments there in 1877, Edgar Allen Poe gave an account of it in ‘Some Account Of Stonehenge, The Giant’s Dance, A Druidical Ruin In England’ (1840), plans of it were drawn by the architect John Wood in 1740, John Aubrey wrote about it in 1666, and it is mentioned by Nennius (8th century AD) – who gives it the old Welsh name of Choir Gaur (the Giant’s Dance), the Welsh Triads (early medieval) and it is almost certainly the ‘temple’ mentioned by Diodorus Siculus (wrote 60-30 BC).

    The monument was fairly collapsed by Hardy’s time; the south-west trilithon fell in 1797, after Wood drew his plans. There were fallen stones all over the place. Gowland did some major restoration work in 1901. It was believed other stones might collapse so some repairs and excavations were done in the 1920s, as announced in the newspapers of the time. Photos were published of the restoration work. It still fairly looked dilapidated, as can be seen from the opening shots of it in the 1957 film ‘Night of the Demon’. Further restorations were done in 1958 (the subject of the Russian article), with three of the sarsens being re-erected and set in concrete bases to prevent them falling over, plus other work. The last restoration was done in 1963, after a stone fell over in the sarsen circle. I went there as a child before the 1963 restoration. Back then you could just stop the car by the side of the road and go for a walk round the stones. There was no car park and no visitor’s centre

    Excavations have been going on there for a long time. William Stukely (1687-1765) was the first to excavate the site. To postulate a conspiracy, one would either have to be utterly ignorant of the site, or else suggest that they were so thorough that they managed to plant mentions of it across two thousand years of written records – reprinting every ancient book and manuscript, even the most obscure, and replacing every copy that exists in private hands and libraries around the world – altering ‘Night of the Demon’ so the monument is in the film a year before its supposed construction, planting the correct archaeological ensemble for archaeologists to find, and even altering several hundred square miles of Salisbury Plain, given that Stonehenge is not an isolated monument, but an integral part of a sacred landscape that developed over time. Either that, or the British Government secretly possessed a time machine 🙂 – but that way lies madness. 🙂

  2. Avatar
    Louis September 13, 2014

    When it comes to stories like this I usually go to newspaper archives. A good one is Chronicling America. Here is a link to my search for stonehenge

    Chronicling America (dot) Loc (dot) Gov.

    Lots and lots of stories pre 1922 about stonehenge, including some very interesting ones about mapping the site and finding a track for chariot races and the remains of a thriving market. Gotta call fiction on this story.

    Btw, I came across that site when researching giant skeleton stories (of which there are many).

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