2014 Superbowl EXPOSED! “As in the Days of Noah” (Illuminati Symbolism)


A look behind the (not so hidden) symbolism behind the 2014 Superbowl, as well as the latest blockbuster film NOAH and how it relates to everything we’ve researched so far. Are you ready for, ready for…. A Perfect Storm?


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    Globalove February 19, 2014

    One word: HEED!

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    Max Cloke February 19, 2014

    As always your right on top of things Max. The only thing left is the when. I believe soon would be an understatement. They are in the process of carrying out the building of the third temple. But I don’t believe that and the destruction of our nation have to happen at the same time. We could and probably will be history before the third temple is completed. Great video Max.

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      Lucas February 13, 2016

      This has been a lie all along. Just like in the 70 s when they tried to say we were going into an ice age. Don’t be gullible. Al Gore is rich becusae of this. He and others that are shoving this political crap down our throats are destroying the USA’s manufacturing and wanting to put the coal companies out of business. We will have no jobs to earn money to pay for the huge increase in energy costs if they get they’re way. Al Gore hasn’t given up anything to cut his energy use.

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