Counter Intelligence I The Company ( U.S.A. Inc.) Full Length Documentary

Counter Intelligence I The Company ( U.S.A. Inc.) Full Length Documentary

Shining a Light on Black Operations

This 5-part documentary is a great expose on the national surveillance state that has arisen over the last 50-100 years. Manipulating elections, overthrowing foreign governments, and secret assassinations are just a few of the heinous acts committed in the name of national security. Now that Edward Snowden has blown the lid off of the NSA’s Prism snooping program, this film series is even more important and relevant.

Part I – The Company
This film takes a very informative and provocative look into the illegal and covert operations of the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.). It lays out the historical foundations of the modern surveillance state.

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Counter-Intelligence is a 5 part series that explores in-depth, the vast, sprawling and secret National Security State that operates throughout the United States–and indeed the world. The series examines the foundations of the Military-Industrial-Intelligence Complex, charting through to the myriad consequences in today’s world where secret intelligence organizations continue to hijack governments, manipulate elections and commit heinous crimes against humanity–all under the cloak of “National Security”. In the wake of the continued revelations of the NSA PRISM program, this series is now more important than ever to provide a solid historical context to the workings of the rapacious and ever-expanding National Security State…
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This first episode lays out the structure of the modern intelligence agency, using the evolution of the CIA and the creation of the concept of ‘plausible deniability’ to show how the continued rapacious spread of the clandestine National Security State has been built up over time, to the complex network it is today. Examples of previous operations by secret agencies show election tampering; assassinations; the setting up of NGO’s and front companies for ‘economic hit-men’; creation of mercenary groups and paramilitaries; the clandestine modern military-intelligence bureaucracy, including JSOC and NSA; as well as illustrating the emergence of The Panopticon–the vast National Security surveillance network. This network is more powerful than even governments–with examples in Australia showing how Gough Whitlam is expelled for wanting to shut down Pine Gap and other top secret US military bases… Pine gap also houses super secret advanced technology devices such as a instant human teleportation system linked directly to a mainland US government facility.


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    Dayna Hislope February 19, 2014

    Thank You for the information Up North, I’m so happy we meet I love reading and listening to the stuff you put out there, and if it’s one thing I can always count on it’s always the truth. Keep up the awesome work.

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    Nater February 19, 2014

    Unfortunately YouTube blocked this video in the USA over some B.S copyright law

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