88 or SS? But, but, but “No Foul Play is Suspected!”


Special thanks to irishspiritedgal and DjRodimusPrimeXyz and you too Nina Boo!! There are too many discrepancies… did this really happen? I have to ask… They say he was missing since 2/2/14 but the posters have 2/7/14 on them. The reporter says 2 years ago… The father is not grieved at all- no tears… I just don’t know anymore. The reporters on the scene , were they coached to say “no foul play suspected?” I just happened to catch the one video of the bar he was at and saw what looked to be an 88 but was actually SS.The name without the “e” on it is “UHR” which is German or Austrian for “clock”

Since there are time discrepancies in the story it makes me wonder what in the world are they trying to telegraph here… is this another Sandy Hook type scenario where they can’t get the facts straight? There is definitely more to this than what they are saying.

Also, one more thing… if he was missing since 2/2/14 and this really did happen… was he another sacrifice for the Spring Clean for the May Queen or Imbolc???  By The Justine


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    kathy koblensky February 24, 2014

    ……this is connected to something…..oh boy a ritual…they even had the prayer session for it….oh boy ….time manipulation…….

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      Justine Case February 24, 2014

      Thank you, Kathy. Time manipulation is exactly what we were thinking.

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