9-11 and the Fake Death Industry – Records Prove Most 9/11 “Deaths” Were Fabricated


9-11 and the Fake Death Industry – Records Prove Most 9/11 “Deaths” Were Fabricated

The “official” media and government claim, is that 2,997 persons died as a result of the 9/11 attacks in the United States. If this were true, one would expect about 3,000 ADDITIONAL deaths to be recorded in the SSDI master file of deaths for the areas in which the attacks took place. That would be in ADDITION to the statistically consistent number of deaths which occur daily in the same areas, on any other day.

However, there is no evidence within the records that this is true. A statistical analysis clearly shows, that on the day of September 11, 2001, there were no more than 500 additional deaths officially recorded in these areas combined – more likely, less than 460. This means that the great majority of deaths claimed to have occurred on September 11, are in fact fraudulent.

Furthermore, the ORIGINAL claim through the government controlled media, was that there were 6,000 deaths. Within a few months, 3,000 of these had already been demonstrated false.

[The zip file in the ‘ALL FILES’ section contains all of these.] https://ia600708.us.archive.org/14/it…

The Fake Death Industry has been operating ever since, in numerous fake attacks (such as the fake Boston Marathon “Bombing” (initially deemed the ‘New 9/11’ ironically), Sandy Hook, Clackamas, The Columbia Mall Hoax, etc.). It’s primary purpose is to politically control and intimidate the People of the USA using fear. A secondary purpose is to generate profits, by fraudulently exploiting the goodwill of ordinary people toward its popularized fake ‘victims’.


How They Fake Terrorism — Manufactured Fear I – Final Draft



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