9/11 Was 30yr Satanic Plan – Sen. Kerry Hints

9/11 Was 30yr Satanic Plan – Sen. Kerry Hints


911 Was 30yr Satanic Plan – Sen Kerry Hints


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    willow February 19, 2014

    does anyone know who the guy in the top poster is?

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      UpNorthOfThe49th February 20, 2014

      Jimmy Fallon – Welcomes our new Overloads: it says on the bottom of the full page at 0:05 sec.

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    willow February 19, 2014

    that’s why it’s said there’s POWER in PRAYER .

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    Billy February 18, 2014

    Nice site BRO! Getting all the heavy hitters together!!! I hope you make some $$$ money for yourself for all of your hard work!!! Get those shirts made up!!! i hope you make some shirts that say Max Malone on the front and something about propaganda on the back!!!! G-LUCK!!!

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    spiritwolf04 February 17, 2014

    Fascinating, Coming to understand somewhat, your doing great work. 🙂

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    Justine Case February 16, 2014

    Very informative! Thanks 🙂

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