A Call Out To YOU

A Call Out To YOU


Are recent events pointing towards a close on this global stage individual freedom and expression? Also, the challenge is OUT!


Yes we are asking for your Donations not of money but of your voice. We are clearly gaining ground on those who are trying to control us. We ask you for your voice and we ask you to start a channel or email us with your comments, emails, insights and information. We are building this for you, to put yourself forward anonymously or not. Its up to you and its your voice that truly matters.

Lets work together to share information and to see the whole pictures of deceptions. Do not let them divide or distract you from what really matters. Help us to help you in your local area or across the globe great inside information comes from YOU.

You Can Contact MaxResistance at info@maxresistance.com

We can’t publish every story that comes our way that is why we call upon you to also begin putting you voice/opinion & ideas forward in video form.


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    dvcmilton September 02, 2014

    Everyone is not being fooled by what’s going on. Many of us do see the lies and deception.This government and the banksters who run it are corrupt to the core! The only thing left to do in my opinion is for us who are awake to prepare as best we can and help others who are awake do the same.

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