A Handy Tool To Watch Planes & Ships

A Handy Tool To Watch Planes & Ships


Just a helpful tools for those of you who may not know about it. There are many flight trackers to watch. This is the one I like to use.



Great for identifying Geoengineering in your area.




Remember not all planes will show their call signals. Most that do not show are those of what many believe are Military Planes. I just thought if you didn’t know this is a great tool to watch planes. Enjoy. Rumor has it ships are now Chemtrailing as well.

http://www.flightradar24.com   as well another good one is. Another one is: http://planefinder.net/

Rumor has it ships are also now participating in Chemtrailing as well. A handy tool to watch Vessel is http://www.vesselfinder.com/   as well : http://shipfinder.co/



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