A Husband In Mourning – The Murder Of Amanda Blackburn

A Husband In Mourning – The Murder Of Amanda Blackburn

The Intriguing Murder Of Amanda Blackburn And Her Intriguing Husband

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A very interesting case to follow. Amanda Blackburn was shot and killed in her home. Law enforcement almost immediately rules out her husband. He has an alibi that shows him at the gym around the time of the murder. After viewing Pastor Davey’s behavior both before and after Amandas death, one is left feeling very puzzled how Pastor Davey could be ruled out as a person of interest, almost immediately. Davey said he has been reading through Amanda’s diary over the past few days. Why is that diary not in law enforcement’s possession? This case gets more odd by the day.


The pregnant wife of a pastor in Indiana has died after being shot in the head during a home invasion.

Amanda Blackburn, 28, was shot in her Indianapolis home as she tried to defend herself and her one-year-old son, Weston, from a burglar on Tuesday morning, police said. She was pronounced dead on Thursday.

Her husband, Resonate Church pastor Davey Blackburn was at the gym when the incident occurred and came home to find his wife wounded at about 8.30am.  The suspect is still on the loose and police are offering a $1,000 reward to anyone with information. Officers are still investigating the incident.

Three hours before Blackburn was found, a home close to the victim’s was burglarized and electronics and other valuables were taken, according to WTHR. Police said it’s unclear if the break-in and the shooting are connected.

Friends and family told  WYFF that Blackburn, along with her husband, had recently announced that she was 12 weeks pregnant with the couple’s second child. Blackburn was the daughter of the lead pastor at First Baptist Church in Elkhart, Indiana.

She and her husband moved from South Carolina to Indianapolis in 2012 to establish the independent church, Resonate Church. Resonate Church posted a statement on Facebook mourning Blackburn’s death and hundreds of people on social media sent prayers toward the family, according to KHOU.

Davey Blackburn posted a statement on his church’s website thanking everyone for the support.

The statement read: ‘It’s impossible to communicate all the emotions my heart has been forced to process. My wife was such a beautiful, gracious, loving woman of God. ‘I have not only lost my ministry partner and support but also my very best friend. There is no way to prepare yourself for circumstances like these. ‘As deeply as I am hurting I am hopeful and confident that good things will come of this. I rest in the truth of Romans 8:28 that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him and who are called according to His purpose.

‘Thank you for understanding my desire to take these next few days to continue to grieve for Amanda Grace.

‘My focus right now is to let The Lord minister to my heart as I continue to shepherd little Weston’s. I’ll be taking this time to focus on being a great follower of Jesus, dad, family member, and pastor to our growing church. ‘Amanda made it her life’s calling to love and serve everyone she knew. Even more, she has made it her life’s mission to see as many people as possible come to know Jesus as their personal Savior.

‘I know that in her death and legacy even more people will come to a saving faith in Christ. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt her desire for me would be to continue what we’ve started here in Indy. ‘I hold firm to the belief that God is still good, that He takes our tragedy and turns it into triumph, and that the best truly is yet to come.’

Resonate church has organized a donation page to help pay for Blackburn’s funeral and medical fees.

Neighbor Reginald Townsel told KHOU that their street isn’t in the ‘type of neighborhood’ where a shooting would occur and that the Blackburns ‘didn’t deserve that’.

Another neighbor, Becky Vandenburgh, said called the shooting ‘very scary’. ‘It’s just horrible what happened,’ she said. ‘They were great people, really loving.

What should leave the reader wondering is:
What burglar is up and busy before 8 a.m.? You would think due to the fact Mr. Blackburn seems to work at home and at odd times in which he might come and go from the home, it would be a hard residence to burglarize. You would think for this attempt it would have been scoped out, especially for being in the middle of a cul-de-sac. It seems very unlikely as a random target. Besides if they went to steal, was there anything missing? Nope. Not according to reports. Why? Murder was possibly the agenda and not merchandise.

$1,000 dollars reward pretty much assures no one will come forward. In the interview with the husband states he would like anyone to come forward about the murder. A 1,000 dollars is not very much to offer to get people to step up. Its actually surprisingly low for the seriousness of the crime and need for details to assist in finding the person who did this.

The husbands sadness seems very forced. No tears, no crying over the baby, no sadness just smiles.

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    Laura November 21, 2015

    P.S. …..of course he has an alibi!! He’s not STUPID.

  2. Avatar
    Laura November 21, 2015

    I saw the husband on the news a few mornings ago.. He appeared well-rested, well-groomed and quite happily animated on the topic of his recently murdered wife’s many wonderful attributes. Can I get a… SUSPICIOUS??!! This guy, and his YouTube marriage tips… The entire things smacks of evil. $1000?? Are you for real? Like, do you really, REALLY give a shit that your wife, mother of your adorable baby, HAS BEEN MURDERED!? Hmmmm… Time will tell, Snakey Dude,time will tell. Even more scary is that this guy claims to be Christian. Ah,but don’t they all.

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