A Look At The “New” Alternative Media

A Look At The “New” Alternative Media


Here is a channel that gives you a feel of the old news reporting of Mainstream Media along with  a fresher look at serious issues. They present a slick approach to many news stories yet the undertone is the same old propaganda. The type of report many of us would like to see mainstream give the facts on, yet seem to limit the full truths. Here are a few examples of what to watch for.

This first report is very much the truth on the law of the land in regard to the criminal arrogance of most politicians. This type of report gives you facts based on truths. The twist to channels like these are when they have you hooked with this honest approach, they then slip in the official narrative within every other of their reports to keep the imaginary “bad guys” alive in the populace psyche.

1st Report based on facts: Something we can agree on and should take action on. This gains your confidence in them as reporters.

Video Description:

30,000 deleted emails… Bill Whittle looks at the lawlessness, the arrogance, and the unmasked contempt that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have for the American people.



Now that you listened to ^ that report you gain some trust in the channel because you agree with the full content.

Moving on the to second report: They give that same nice ambiance of, “this is something I would like to see mainstream report on, with full facts and information”. However the bait and switch is to promote more war and propaganda towards support for Israel and in calling BENJAMIN NETANYAHU the leader of the free world. This instill’s unbridled support into our minds towards anything Israel. What Israel says or does is perfectly fine, based on them being the self proclaimed leaders of the free world. Although there is no base of fact in such a statement. This falls against everything we believe our nations are, as separate and distinctly different from each others fundamental beliefs and practices. Since when has North America proclaimed Netanyahu as “Our” Leader of the Free World?

Watch these types of channels with a discerning eye and ear. They present many truthful facts however they undermine your need for true reporting with an alternative agenda of their own. These are the new “News” outlets trying to pick up the alternative media platform. Be aware…

Video Description:

Scott Ott first described him thus… a brave, thoughtful, serious man doing a brave, thoughtful serious job. In his latest FIREWALL, Bill Whittle provides the amazing and disturbing contrast between The President of the United States and The Leader of the Free World.


Learn what to watch for from these slick presenters. All reports regardless require a discerning eye and ear to detect the agendas. Please question everything.

Ask yourself.

1. Do 90% of the reports coming out of this venue agree with what my fundamental beliefs are?
God, Country, Patriotism, Fundamental Values of your Nations Founding Documents, Rights of Your Inherent Ownership of Property and Freedoms and Amendments, Your Nations Sovereignty… those beliefs?

2. Are their reports based on bias or some alternative ideal by way of propagandizing me into something I would not agree with otherwise? Ex. Do you agree with war based on backing Israel? Would you agree to having a foreign Minister step in to proclaim himself Leader of your sovereign nation? Do you agree all guns should be confiscated based on falsified evidence, in order to take your rights & freedoms?

3. Is what they present on large part, backed by facts and based on my ideals or principle’s indicative to my country,  or are they based on that of foreign corporates, countries or non-national policies?

Always make sure the beliefs are founded on principles you adhere to within your paradigm. In other words, are they morally agreeable, patriotically founded and built on the principles of the best interests of my own country, family and continued viability of my nations independence. If the reports undermine any of these principles then take what you will from the factual portion and discard the rest.

In a nutshell this “New” Alternative Media sounds a lot like the “Old” Mainstream Media, just wrapped in a new less formal package.


We have our own mix of this “New” Media as well in Canada.

A few true reports and then when you check their other reports you will find an agenda behind them as well.

A point these controlled alternatives will never report on is this: My Comment I am sure will be removed or invisible to most:

Last time this pole was held was two days before Redford election. Remember 82% in favor of the Wild Rose and then by some strange occurrence the whole province voted in Redford by a landslide? Remember that? Its rigged, is all I can say. Then less than a week later Redford headed to Chantilly Virgina for her marching orders from the Bilderberg Group. Now elections again in May and the Bilderbergs meeting in Early June @ Interalpen -Hotel in Tyrol Austria. One guess where Prentice / who ever will travel shortly after the election?! WAKE UP! Our future’s delegated by foreign interests not elected by the people.
This RebelMedia is exactly the same as those trying to grab the masses that are starting to become aware the media is controlled. They are trying to desperately hold the population in a controlled release of their information.


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    Peter Klein April 09, 2015

    I just posted this comment on the TRO channel, but it will be deleted or buried so I wanted to share it here to show that you’re not alone in your thinking here…

    Ah ha! Nice try. I especially like the pitting of two controversial figures to avoid a simple love letter in which your praise would have been naked. I must return to my interest in the Michael Hastings fiasco. It was in small part, Bill Whittle that convinced me he met his end as reported. Now, I see the depths to which Whittle will sink in order to promote an agenda. No offense, Bill. I understand it’s easier than some think to find yourself in a compromising situation. But, if just going away to someplace remote and forgoing any media aspirations doesn’t appeal to you, further reporting of this kind is no solution. To the greater TRO, disgraceful. If you’d like me to explain why, I’m more than happy to.

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