A PsyOp in Activist’s Clothing?


I will provide a disclaimer to this video: while I do not question the good intentions of the Occupy Movement, I do question the involvement of the group Anonymous.
Consider this scenario: A group of government officials we will refer to as Group X, understand that a catastrophic event is looming on the horizon. The event will be unprecedented, and all of society will feel the repercussions. The repercussions will include violence, hunger, and death on a grand scale. What can the group do to prepare? The group recognizes the need for a highly trained, heavily armed security force to control the population.
Step one: Equip police forces with military-style weaponry and training. Using government funds, Group X directs the awarding of municipalities with grants to finance the purchase of riot gear, weapons, ammunition, and even drones. Drones are the fail safe if humans refuse to carry out orders.
Step two: Implement training of police and law enforcement officers. Encourage training drills to educate officers regarding the use of military equipment. The law enforcement officers in the major metropolitan areas are armed and trained, mission complete.
Step three: create a real scenario where every major city police force is called on simultaneously to implement riot training. The scenario has to be fueled by emotion, so it must be something that compels people to take to the streets.
The banking scandal of 2008 was something that angered everyone. The bailouts provided to the large financial firms enraged 99% of the population. The remaining 1% of the population was responsible for the banking fiasco. This ratio, 99 to 1, was the perfect combination to fuel a nationwide protest. A nationwide protest would be the perfect test for the newly, heavily armed law enforcement officers.
Using the internet, Group X creates an entity that claims to deliver vigilante justice to corporate evil- doers. The entity begins making itself known through internet and mass media outlets. The vigilante group grows quickly in name recognition and popularity. Group X sets the mass protest project into motion.
The movement becomes a scientific study to find out how people will react during a nationwide riot scenario. Group X makes sure that the vigilante group spreads the message for a peaceful protest to curb the crowd tendencies away from violence. As long as the crowd is contained by the message of peace, the violence will be minimal, perhaps. However, if there is violence it will better suit the training exercise.
The stage is set, and the trial run for the coming catastrophic event is underway. Group X monitors the events closely using government agency assets to maintain, regulate, or instigate activity when needed. Group X continues the ruse of the vigilante group by hacking government and corporate websites to keep up appearances.
Group X seeks answers to the following questions: How will the crowd react? How will the law enforcers react? Will the masses be easily intimidated by force? Will the masses respond with violence? How far can the people be pushed? Will the masses eventually give in and quit? Will the law enforcement officers maintain their posts?
These questions have been answered. The people were intimidated, passive, and eventually quit. The police maintained their posts without hesitation. Group X now believes they know the reaction people will have when controlled with intimidation. However, one variable that Group X did not and cannot measure, how people will respond when they are hungry, tired, and have lost everything. Do you think the outcome will be the same?
I hope the powers that be consider the consequences of believing in their own superiority. Never underestimate the strength of the human spirit. –  By groundedbeing

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