A Video the World was not Supposed to See

A Video the World was not Supposed to See


U.S. Admiral (Ret) James Lyons outlines the fact Muslims are embedded in many of our political parties and society as a religious overview. He mentions Muslims are not specifically a religious organization as much as they are a political construct.  The Admiral refrains from mentioning, most of the North American political parties are also fundamentally infiltrated (taken over), by another seldom mentioned segment of a political party posing as a religious organization.

That party is “Zionism”. Yes many may indicate this statement as being anti-Semitic, which in fact it is NOT. North America needs to understand that Zionism is not a religious belief, it is a political belief based on radical ideals.


he misdirected identity name game switch-a-roo agenda is poised at the unsuspecting North American public. All of the so called “Truthers” who reveal their true identity can expect to be targeted. If you point to the political party aspect in reference/association to Muslim / Zionism be prepared for the name calling and false accusations to begin. Trolls aka party loyalists will begin by be-smudging anyone’s name or reputation, should you point this fact out. If this tactic does not quiet the information you present, regarding they are actually politically driven and not religiously driven, the next step will be to expose you rather than themselves. This is a redirect or also known as Doxing you. “They” go to great lengths to try and identify you to the public, so they can publicly make an example, ridicule you or discrediting you as an individual. The final assault is to either jail you over free speech infringement or anti-Semitic views or disappear you.

Public tactics: The first tactic used on the public is called religious connotation of prejudice (the associated or secondary meaning of a word or expression in addition to its explicit or primary meaning.) Here in lays the problem. If you point out that Zionism is in fact a political construct no different than Communism, Marxism or any such political view, you will be immediately accused of being anti-Semitic towards the Jewish race as a whole. Zionism has nothing to do with being a Jew or being part of any cultural religious bias. Same is the game of pointing out Muslims as radicals, immediately you will be targeted as being a racist. When in fact the view trying to be conveyed is that of a political outlook or construct being implemented under the guise of religion beliefs.

We agree with Admiral Lyons (on the interview further down in this article) that many representatives fall under the misconstrued ideology that Muslim-ism is only a religious belief as is Zionism. These two entities us the tactic of directing the public’s attention to religious rights and freedoms. This will redirect the attention away from the fact that subversive activities by these organizations are being used against the public. It is a magic trick. This takes the focus off the topic or truth of the matter and redirects it using your conditioned phobia of guilt or suggestion of prejudiced against you. When using this tactic it puts you on the defensive and takes the focus off the facts of their agendas.

What they don’t tell is the underlying fact that both Muslim and Zionists are fundamentally a political agenda by which to gain support based on those proclaimed rights and freedoms of religion.


ost of the Muslim and Zionist outlooks are of a Malthusian undertone. Direct one party at the other to create population control by way of conflict against anyone not associated with their particular party’s beliefs, and all the while the true agenda is to eliminate races they feel are not worthy to continue. The “Goyem” or the “Infidel.”

There is a big difference between Anti-Zionist and Anti-Judaism.


t is my opinion Admiral Lyons has been allowed, or directed (now and in the past) particularly to give a credible accounting of this concept against Muslims to misdirect the North American population’s views and opinions. “They” want more war and what better tool to use than a supposed reputable Admiral to focus attentions again toward Muslims as a whole.

Lets be clear this writer is not prejudiced against either Muslims nor Hebrews, however I am against radical fundamentalism and this is what politically driven Muslim-ism and Zionism is. Both of which we can be satisfied have infiltrated all forms of government in North America. Be well aware if you don’t agree with their party tactics you will be targeted as a radical, dissident or the ever common racist for these informed statements against the ISM’s.

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Dual Citizens



n this interview from October of 2014 Admiral Lyons outlines the same principles. Point the finger at one group while totally ignoring another. This is an obvious tactic.

We do absolutely agree with Admiral Lyons regarding Congress, Senate, House all should according to the Constitution’s first loyalty Article 1 Section 9 be faithful first and foremost to the American Nation and People. When in fact their loyalties blatantly to outside parties and associations/organizations, not affiliated nor in line with the countries interests and foundation.

Who Is Admiral Lyon’s?

Take a look at Admiral Lyons website and it will give you a good understanding of his role and statements.

You can find his advertised website here at www.lionsllc.com

lyons llc 1

lyons llc 2

As you can deduct he has a vested interest in keeping the so called boogeyman alive with regard to his retirement LLC income. There is money in war and security.

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