Achilles and The Truth Behind Jade Helm 15

Achilles and The Truth Behind Jade Helm 15

Most look at the surface of everything, this takes you deeper…

Most look at just the physical realm, this takes you deeper…

Most are fighting the wrong enemy, this takes you deeper…

The understanding of what is really at work with humanity…

you must go deeper, it not, you will never see it coming!!!

If this video disappears again you can find it here:

Video Description:
Band:To Kill Achilles–Existence
Tracks:For the Fallen
Dead Men
Thirteen—-Illuminati Bloodlines
Bad Blood—–Mixing
Wolfpack ——Enforcers
Reflections—–As Above ,So Below
The Truth——-track exactly 3:22—-Skull and Bones
Playing Dead———–Getting ready to strike

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