Air Algerie Flight with 116 Passengers Crashes In Northern Mali!

Air Algerie Flight with 116 Passengers Crashes In Northern Mali!



And the official story is:


An Air Algerie flight crashed en route from Burkina Faso to Algeria with 110 passengers on board on Thursday.

“I can confirm that it has crashed,” an Algerian official told Reuters, without giving any details about what had happened to the aircraft.

Air Algerie flight AH 5017, an MD-83 aircraft, was carrying 110 passengers and six crew members. Fifty-one of the passengers were reportedly French nationals, according to the Telegraph. The aircraft was “wet leased” by Air Algerie from a Spanish airline company Swiftair, which supplied both aircraft and crew.

According to Reuters, the aircraft took off from Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso at 0117 GMT and was supposed to land in Algiers at 0510 GMT. At 0138 GMT the flight was asked to change route because of a storm. The last contact Algerian authorities had with the missing flight was at 0155 GMT when it was flying over Gao, Mali. Niger air traffic controllers reportedly said their last contact with the flight was just after 0330 GMT, suggesting it may have entered Niger air space.

Mali is currently considered a high-risk flight zone by US airlines due to its ongoing insurgency.


Considering the frequency of downed planes of late, this scenario is becoming more questionable with each event. Are these downed and missing airlines another manipulation of the public world wide? It becomes suspect that so many flights are either disappearing or being shot down or having mysterious problems. Could this possibly be a manipulation to create fear within the public to fly or use mass transportation or possibly to have some type of higher ground and transport security put into place? It also leaves one to wonder if each of these flights may have had some critical person on board deemed in need of being eliminated by the cabal. At this point we can only guess at the true nature of these supposed targets.Especially when witnesses make such statements as: “The plane was not far from the Algerian frontier when the crew was asked to make a detour because of poor visibility and to prevent the risk of collision with another aircraft on the Algiers-Bamako route,” an airline source said. “Contact was lost after the change of course.”



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