Alert – Active National Drill – April 30, 2014

Alert – Active National Drill – April 30, 2014

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e are seeing an uptick again in the recent activity of Earthquakes and Landslides. This morning there was another large event in the British Columbia regions. Many individuals don’t understand how connected these events may well be to recent activity in the Yellowstone region. It is always a good idea to keep stock of supplies in your homes and in case of a Major Disaster know what to do.

Max Resistance would like to note: We are not trying to create Fear of any event. We would just like the audience to know the facts connected to these events, and thus better inform you of what to expect should they occur. Please keep a level head while looking at the information and us your best judgement on how to prepare in case of such an event.


Notice she did say she felt dizzy, there have been many reports of pilots who have been grounded due to recent outbreaks of vertigo.


It is suspected a light Earthquake caused a massive landslide in Washington State eminating from a tremor out of Yellowstone.

What then can we expect maybe happening in Jacksonhole Wyoming and surrounding areas? A Gas Plant exploded outside of Opal Wyoming and no current news as to why. Evacuations are in effect in the Opal Wyoming area as well as in Jacksonhole.




Residents in the area have contacted Max Resistance and are concerned about a possible Yellowstone event. Drilling of a sort has been going on in the area near the lake at Yellowstone, however kept under tight security and secrecy. Residence in the Yellowstone area reporting shacking and booming sounds while they feel a sort of vibrational movement.

Researching the possibility the Government may not fully inform the population of the country, if there were a problem in the area. I wondered who would be qualified to carry out any type of possible control of drilling, to relieve pressure or attempt to maintain some sort of evaluation on the situation. My conclusion would be experts out of Iceland. My investigation in this possibility leads me to believe the most qualified Geologists and Volcanologists would in fact come out of Iceland. I have no proof of this however they are the leading specialist in this regard.

The Region which takes in a large part of the tremor area of Yellowstone is seen below:

yellowstonequake area

Obama put a Gag Order on All Scientific Observations:

Presidential Memorandum on Scientific Integrity
Dated: March, 9, 2009

The new policy is consistent with the Presidential Memorandum on Scientific Integrity, dated March, 9, 2009, and will conform with the expected 2010 guidance and recommendations of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

The Department has been working on a policy on scientific integrity for a number of years. The Department put out a draft for public comment in 2010, and many commenters noted that it did not sufficiently address scientific conduct by political appointees or use of scientific information in decision-making. The policy directive issued by Secretary Salazar today clearly applies the same standards of conduct to both political appointees and career appointees and forbids the alteration of scientific findings in policy-making activities.

The policy covers all departmental employees when they engage in, supervise or manage scientific activities, analyze and/or publicly communicate information resulting from scientific activities, or use this information or analyses in making agency policy, management or regulatory decisions. It also covers all contractors, cooperators, partners, volunteers, and permitees who assist with scientific activities.
The secretarial order, whose implementation will be overseen by Deputy Secretary David J. Hayes, incorporates the following principles:

* The Interior Department values science and science plays a vital role in helping us meet the department’s mission. As such, when scientific or technological information is considered in decision making, the information will be as robust, of the highest quality, and the result of rigorous scientific processes as can be achieved within the available decision time-frame.

* Interior Bureaus and Offices will document and make available to the public the scientific or technological findings or conclusions considered or relied on in decision making, except for information that is properly restricted from disclosure under procedures established in accordance with statute, regulation, Executive Order, or Presidential Memorandum.

* The selection and retention of candidates for science and technology positions and positions that are decision making in nature where those decisions rely on scientific information to inform the process, shall be based on the candidate’s knowledge, credentials, experience, and integrity.

* Clear and unambiguous codes of conduct for scientific activities and use of science in decision making will establish expectations of employees with regard to scientific integrity. Misconduct will not be tolerated. Allegations of misconduct will be investigated and disciplinary action will be taken as appropriate.

* Interior will identify, address, track, and resolve instances in which the scientific process or the integrity of scientific and technological information may be compromised.

* Interior will establish procedures and as appropriate, clarify whistleblower protections to ensure the integrity of scientific and technological information and processes on which the agency relies in its decision making or otherwise uses or prepares.

* Interior scientists have rights as citizens and responsibilities as government employees. These rights and responsibilities with regard to communication with the public will be clearly delineated.

* Interior encourages the enhancement of scientific integrity through engagement with the communities of practice represented by professional societies. Interior scientists, scholars and other professionals are encouraged to engage in scientific, scholarly and other activities with these professional networks. These Interior employees will recuse themselves when appropriate and avoid conflicts of interest and the appearance of conflicts of interest.



Many miss the implications of the above protocol, failing to understand its application.

The government can now, unilaterally decide “right to know” of the public, removing any and every fundamental “right to know” entirely from the table, by now having everything requiring the government’s stamp of approval upon it. By this science has become “science by imposition of government consensus”, making all science now inherently political.

As far as “whistle blowers”, the government can serve as the only jury as to whether or not the “whistle blowing” is itself valid, and thereby just squash whatever is said by its own judgment, removing even any valid airing of evidence, and shuffling off the “whistle blower” wherever its convenient.

By this, the government is maintaining every bit of scientific information under government discretion, turning science into a primarily political concern. SCIENCE by every agency, or with any government funding, or oversight, is now subject to the government’s say-so as to what is “integrity” and what is “fact”.

Not only is this no longer science, but it’s also demonstrative of a country that is no longer free.


Reminder of the March 2014 International Drill Scenario:

posted on

This is alarming and interesting
I vetted this, it’s legit. Tomorrow a huge drill simulating a 9.2 earthquake is going to be run by Fema on the West Coast, including tsunami and the whole 9 yards.
I have readers in California and other places on the West Coast telling me their swimming pools are vibrating, with odd intersecting waves in them. This also happened in Japan, readers in Japan told me how everything was jiggling and giving them a “vertigo” feeling which would obviously not be a natural occurrence, and it all revolved around the haarp quake Japan went through on 3/11, that did not just happen without precursor events such as this.

SO, this lengthy document from FEMA, (you really have to scroll this one to get to the meat, so be patient) talks all about a drill that will happen tomorrow and continue for a full week, a drill involving a 9.2 earthquake and massive tsunami. We all know about Fema drills, This is probably worth at least knowing about.

If file is taking to long to load, right click to download.




Click on image to enlarge



Is the Yellowstone supervolcano DYING? Researchers say dormant volcano may never erupt again

Yellowstone Caldera Supervolcano to Remain Dormant One to Two Million Years At Least

Land rising in Yellowstone National Park


Army chopper makes emergency landing in West Bank

IAF pilot experiences vertigo in training flight

Washington mudslide death roll rises to 16, scores still missing

Washington state mudslide preceded by small earthquake

Wikipedia- Lahar

Coast to Coast Episode March 24 2014 – Self Sufficient And Off The Grid (video)

RSOE EDIS – Emergency and Disaster Information Service

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