Allan Henning Beheading: Full Video

Allan Henning Beheading: Full Video
Although the Henning Video seems to be scrubbed from the Internet in order to stop criticism or analysis of its content by the Main Stream Media. We provide you with a copy by way of International Sources:
Warning Some Viewers May Find This Video Offensive: Graphic Warning!

Full Allan Henning Video Below:


Source: Infobae

A comment to all those who feel the actual presentation of facts provided regarding the content of this video as being either tasteless or in appropriate. Consider first of all what you watch each and every day on various shows you view or review as entertainment before you criticize this articles content. We don’t make the news, however we don’t suppress it either. Your Grown up enough to watch this on your favorite shows, MaxResistance is sure you’re grown up enough to view it as news. The public has the right to know what they are bombing innocent people over. The truly disturbing content would be to present the endless array of videos on Youtube of needlessly slaughtered children, as a result of this current so called invasion. ISIS is not real and has been proven to actually be a syndicated business. Wake Up and learn the truth of what they are doing in your name. We Stand Tall In Saying “NOT IN OUR NAME”

Fact: ISIS Truth In Plain Sight



Bonus Video:


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  1. Avatar
    nico October 06, 2014

    CIA propaganda. WAR = $

  2. Avatar
    Dee October 05, 2014

    Jesus! How do the fuqing sheeple actually believe this BS?? It makes me want to scream and beat the shit out of them! This is why our soldiers, and innocent Syrians and Iraqi’s, are being freaking maimed and slaughtered! All for oil, gas, minerals, corporate greed,the war mongering industrial war complex and banksters. When will people stop this BS? We have to wake the dipshits up!

  3. Avatar
    Alex Livesy October 05, 2014

    Fake for sure, I think it was green screened.
    Search the Youtube title name ISIS Henning video inconsistencies

  4. Avatar
    Mark Charles October 04, 2014

    These fake beheadings are getting way too “fake” for fake. What is happening is the Main Stream Media is saying that these videos are too violent to expose and the YouTube Censorship Film Board is not allowing #JihadJohnny’s video beheadings to be played on-line and in the end all we see is some poorly manufactured “C Grade” – “B Grade” Slasher movie played out in the none stream media and then… they… (the New World Order) play out the beheading (minus the dudes neck)… because somebody – like me – always wants to eat the “Turkey Neck” on Thanksgiving Dinner. Wake the fuck up Sheeple!

  5. Avatar
    willowtree523 October 04, 2014

    I was watching How To Get Away With Murder, a new series and I HEARD something interesting.

    The way *HUNTERS* kill their prey with a knife.

    First there has to be a *real knife*……LOL….

    One tilts the animals head so the chin area rests on their *right shoulder and then the knife is ran from the *left side of neck and across. This insures that *ALL* major arteries etc. are sliced with one clean sweep.

    Just ask a seasoned hunter.

    With these beheadings and where they are putting the knife the dude would be sawing for days.

    Just my 2 cents…….

    • Avatar
      UpNorthOfThe49th October 04, 2014

      Absolutely. An animal is never to actually see the knife. It is humane, these are not animals & they are not drugged or they could not say their lines so well rehearsed, although they would like you to believe it. In the Muslim faith it is called Halal to kill without the notice of the animal.
      I have checked the weather in this region and it shows heavy rains and high winds. Looks like a studio to me. Thanks willowtree523 for you comment.

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