An Eerie Visit to – Sandy Hook – Newtown CT.

An Eerie Visit to – Sandy Hook – Newtown CT.

From an Anonymous Viewer:

I went through Sandy Hook (Newtown CT) this weekend (10/12/2014), and took a bunch of Photos.



Firehouse (Driveway blocked by orange cones is entrance to the now-bulldozed Sandy Hook school):

1 firehall
It’s clearly a Potemkin Village. Most buildings are abandoned.


Occasionally a person walks a dog or sits in their parked car for no reason. Nothing makes any sense.

Houses along the couple streets look like abandoned shacks with overgrown shrubs. There’s like 4 shops at one intersection, then everything else seems to be a “school” or “academy” of some type. I’ve never seen so many schools/academies in one place before.

I pulled over at the Firehouse to take photos, and directly across the street was a ramshackle house with 5 people standing in full view in their DRIVEWAY, in front of their front door, having beers………. for no reason. Who stands just outside their front door in the driveway, socializing?

They seem like Stepford Wife actors, just “looking busy” among all these totally abandoned buildings with boarded-up doors, busted-out windows, and big holes in the rooves.

From Sandy Hook, I drove South along Wasserman Way, into Newtown CT.

That town is SPOOKY. It’s clearly a government facade.

Someone wants that land occupied and doesn’t want anyone who “Doesn’t belong” to have any reason to loiter b/c there’s nothing THERE to do.

Whole center of town (town square) is a bunch of huge abandoned buildings with paint peeling off and doors boarded up (see photos). Feels like a government training facility b/c along the road, all the buildings are old and abandoned, as a buffer from the “real” buildings set back a block or two.

The town center almost feels like a military base that got decommissioned, but FedGov didn’t feel like allowing anyone to develop the land, so they just kept it. They mow the lawns but that’s about it.

Police sit in their (parked) cars every few hundred yards, just watching.

Most of the buildings in the TOWN SQUARE (of Newtown) are abandoned and look haunted.

Here’s photos up close. The biggest long haunted building is the abandoned “Fairfield State Psychiatric Hospital” where (the story goes) Harrison J Bounel was an elderly hospice patient before dying approx 1978. Nailed to the front door is a sign: “STAY BACK 25 FEET.”

“President” Hussein (aka Soetoro; Soebarkah) used Bounel’s SSN on his 2009 tax return.
2 campusbuilding
REAR of (abandoned) Fairfield State Psychiatric Hospital:


3 campusbuilding

FRONT of (abandoned) Fairfield State Psychiatric Hospital:


4 campus building



Town Square:


Side of building





EMPTY roadside buildings w/holes in roof’s.


“Another abandoned building looms at the end of Trades Lane, in NEWTOWN CT.”


“PARKS” Department with papered-over windows (!) and truck parked for “effect.”


NE end of Fairfield State Psychiatric Hospital (town square), abandoned. In BGround you can see “Youth Academy” which looks like the only active building in the town center.


Town Square with another huge abandoned building in the distance. Cars seem to be from only active building = “Youth Academy.”


Abandoned roadside buildings serve as “buffer” for “real?” buildings inset a block.



Newtown feels very “abandoned Manhattan Project.” Is this where our Communist-Fascist government plans their False Flag “school shootings” and “terror bombings?”

NEWTOWN (CT) ain’t Beverly Hills. Front door of (abandoned) Fairfield State Psychiatric Hospital in center of town says “STAY BACK 25 FEET.”

7 campusbuilding

Overview of the Fairfield Hills Campus – Newtown CT.



Notice in the aerial photos it looks as though there is some sort of tunnel system being constructed:



There are so many buildings that look almost identical to the campus to the hospital to the overall town facade, it has the feel of a military base throughout the whole town.

There are definitely strange occurrences surrounding Sandy Hook and the Newtown CT. stories. Each time I try to reveal the Hoax and lies:




Especially about the children being staged or manipulated,


I get censored.


Solution: Take this information to because I know they will not censor my information.

– Response: Thank you anonymous viewer for this information it is amazing! We appreciate your sharing your material with us.


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  1. Avatar
    Kasey April 29, 2017

    Haven’t you ever seen a teacher (or any adult for that matter) stay in one spot and guide students along to another in charge (who’s not in the picture)??! “…paranoia runs deep…”

  2. Avatar
    Ninya July 16, 2015

    This article is ridiculous.
    You didn’t drive through the town of Newtown.
    You drive through an abandoned aslym that the city of newtown took over and is renovating.
    People are parked because it is a PUBLIC PARK.
    People are walking their dogs because it is PUBLIC PROPERTY.
    It’s not a facade,they ARE abandoned building from a hospital that has been empty for decades.
    This article just oozes paranoia,lol.

  3. Avatar
    Sherry Van Valkenburgh February 26, 2015

    I am from this area, and the people from Newtown, just get disgusted with this conspiracy theory. I understand people get mistrustful and frustrated with things- Especially politically. But this actually did occur guys! A mentally ill man was coddled by a mother who made sure her son was competent w/ many different firearms, and who also.brought him up in a home where there was an emphasis on the importance of survival and protecting oneself from a corrupt government. I have read all the reasons why people think it is a set-up. But us natives can quickly disprove earch one.

    • Avatar
      MinorThreat June 21, 2015

      Good one. Who told you and how much did they pay you, to say that?

    • Avatar
      kdmullins April 15, 2017

      Sherry if what you say is true why is Newtown Police Department fighting the FOIA request in court from American citizens for the Police Officers dashcam video for the December 14th? They have even fought citizens from getting the reports for what repairs was done on the Sandyhook school.

    • Avatar
      Quintessence of Effervescence February 04, 2015

      The only significance of the rooster is that it is an image of the weather vane which sits atop the Newtown Meeting House, which was built in 1720.

  4. Avatar
    brandi January 29, 2015

    Newtown is going to be the new Washington D.C. of the New World Order. Watch, it will happen whether you believe it or not.

  5. Avatar
    Jess January 24, 2015

    Sandy Hook = GUN GRAB HOAX

    Here’s PROOF the “school evacuation photos” of kids fleeing Sandy Hook Elementary are FAKED by the government.

    Find a copy of THIS photo (below). ZOOM IN.

    NOTE the shoulder of BRIGHT BLUE GIRL is a razor-sharp T-square? Also notice BRIGHT BLUE GIRL’s right hand is shaped like a left hand.

    Locate your own copy of this “ICONIC” photograph, then ZOOM IN to count the screwups made when FedGov manufactured this photo to trick Americans out of their guns.

    If the link below stops working, there’s only 2 photos of kids “fleeing Sandy Hook thru the parking lot.” Find the photo with BRIGHT BLUE GIRL in the middle of the “conga line,” and zoom on her shoulder. Then look at her right hand. You’ll see they’re obviously FAKED in PhotoShop.

    (PHOTO HERE; Copy/Paste this link)

  6. Avatar
    BT January 16, 2015

    You people that think S.H. was a hoax are all morons.

    • Avatar
      Quintessence of Effervescence January 22, 2015

      “Barry Soetoro,” the birther who took these photographs, is deliberately giving a very misleading impression of Newtown, a town which I visit frequently. The photographs which are identified as the “Town Square” are actually buildings which are part of the abandoned psychiatric facility located off of Mile Hill Road, at least two miles from downtown Newtown. If “Soetoro” had photographed across the street we would be seeing pictures of the bustling Reed Intermediate School. The downtown area of Newtown is on Main Street, aka Route 25. The Town Hall is on Main Street, as is the Police Department, the Library, and the very popular Inn at Newtown. Newtown has Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, CVS Pharmacy, a half dozen banks, a supermarket, etc. The only part of Newtown which looks like a ghost town is the part of the old psychiatric center which has not yet been rehabilitated. Anyone interested in the truth can see what Newtown really looks like by using Google Maps and Street View. Shame on you, “Barry Soetoro,” for lying about what your photographs show.

      • Avatar
        Quintessence of Effervescence January 22, 2015

        Here is a link to a website with photographs of the abandoned Fairfield State Hospital. You will notice that many of the buildings are the same ones which the liar “Barry Soetoro” claims are the Newtown “Town Square.”

  7. Avatar
    dean January 12, 2015

    Yes it does look very odd but like the one post mentioned only a few shots were taken of the firehouse and then the rest was of the abandoned campus. Walking dogs and hanging out in the driveway don’t seem that odd. You can only sit in front of a television for so long. They mentioned the area seemed haunted and people acted odd. Could it have anything to do with a now deserted psych campus. Those patients had to go somewhere, maybe they just opened the doors and let them go.
    But really what i don’t like is there are just bits and pieces of data that can be argued or explained away depending on the side you’re on or the opinion you have. If they only had the video footage from the security system that was installed in November (according to the principal) or some pictures of messed up classrooms it would be more believable. Anyway that is what you get when something really happens.

  8. Avatar
    Goober December 29, 2014

    The pictures of the kids lining up that you are claiming are the same children in each line are NOT. The shoes are different you doh-doh! And the shirt is also different on the other child. You can scream fake all you want, but you really need to show some proof…that is what I came to see. Showing an old state psych ward doesn’t show proof of anything either. Come up with witnesses, or other proofs to make your case. I don’t believe the story either, but I would love to see some solid proof.

    • Avatar
      John Wolf January 03, 2015

      Well I will tell you what Goober. Dig up and exhume ALL the bodies of those children. Let an independant pathologist team make an thorough examination of the cadavers, assuming they are even there in the caskets. Seize all of the local mortuary records. There is where the proof will be or a really big question mark.

  9. Avatar
    Greg Olsen December 28, 2014

    Police sitting in cars watching traffic, city or state? Since doesn’t appear to be a functional city, so I would guess State Police!

  10. Avatar
    John December 20, 2014

    Hahahahaha no they didn’t just post all the pictures of the hospital calling it “Newtown.” LOL

  11. Avatar
    mark peters December 09, 2014

    These stories about newtown are surpaassed in infairness only by their writers ignorance and absurdity.

    • Avatar
      Angela June 09, 2016

      “Infairness” ?? Your right to use
      the word ignorance is terminated.

  12. Avatar
    sandy hook November 02, 2014

    Isn’t enough that our community suffered this tragedy. Morons like you have to exist to torment the survivors.

  13. Avatar
    Dee November 01, 2014

    You can’t dismiss the obviously photoshopped family pics!
    Em-I-LIE Parker
    and all of the other 19 kids!

    That’s the biggest problem I have with this! Along with the fact that none of the 40 parents demanded to see their child’s body! You would need an army to stop me from getting to my child!

  14. Avatar
    danny gloveher October 26, 2014

    Yeah the pictures of the old psych ward are the only neat thing on this site, we had a psych like that near where I live here in Canada. The psych ward here also had underground tunnels pretty neat. I’m assuming that this was the architectural design of the time for a hospital, under ground tunnels connected to buildings, current architectural design is created to save space, and easy to demolish or renovate. So the tunnels were obviously there before the psych ward was built… not an underground lair… common be realistic that stuffs out in the desert and in mountains. If you think this was a hoax, you are mentally ill.

  15. Avatar
    camp October 23, 2014

    Doesn’t anybody have a face recognition software that can be used?

  16. Avatar
    Jeanne October 22, 2014

    Definitely agree that the pics are misleading about Newtown. I had heard that the school had already been condemned and that no children were using it before this incident.
    It was a false flag to get our guns….

  17. Avatar
    Egyptian Princess October 20, 2014

    What I thought most interesting was the fact that Bounel lived and died there. He was, of course, the gentleman whose social security number was stolen and used by Barry Soetoro….aka Obama.

    • Avatar
      Jack March 09, 2015

      Wrong. Bounel DIED in HAWAII, & Soetoro’s grandmother had access to Death records there in Hawaii.

      • Avatar
        Dr, Conspiracy May 20, 2015

        Wrong. There has never been such a person as Harrison J. Bounel. It is a fake name used on a fraudulent financial transaction using President Obama’s social-security number, a month after Orly Taitz made the SSN available on the Internet.

  18. Avatar
    Barry Soetoro October 19, 2014

    (AUDIO) INTERVIEW about my Sandy Hook PHOTO TOUR.

    [IF you don’t see VIDEO LINK, GOOGLE THIS: “Smoking Gun! Sandy Hook was a HOAX Says Witness!” for YouTube VIDEO].

  19. Avatar
    JJP October 19, 2014

    Your “article” is very dishonest – to go from Sandy Hook school to Sandy Hook Center to the main part of Newtown is a straight shot up Church Hill Rd. You had to deliberately drive out of the way to get to where you were.

    The mental institution is the entire campus that you believed to be Newtown itself. Newtown is actually a very typical, non-distinct New England town. Trying to pass off Fairfield Hills as being Newtown is like taking pictures at Disney and then saying that Florida is one huge amusement park.

  20. Avatar
    Anonymous October 18, 2014

    I used to live in Newtown and am from the areas. These images are a little deceiving for someone not more familiar with the town. The campus you show is exclusively Fairfield Hills campus. It is in the process of a kind of renewal. Some buildings are renovated or are in the process of being renovated for use by the town, whereas others have been razed completely and/or replaced. For example, the busy rec center is a new building patterned after the older buildings.

    The town itself is actually quite built up and there are lots of grocery stores and restaurants and plazas in Newtown. Newtown is a BIG town, one of the biggest in the area and has many sections/villages. For example, there is Botsford, Hawleyville, Sandy Hook, Newtown(the borough) and many more. So to say the whole town is this ghost town is really quite inaccurate because right up the road from Sandy Hook there is a Big Y grocery store, a Starbucks, a hardware store, Chinese food restaurant etc etc etc… So really, the pictures you show and words you use do not paint the clearest picture of reality. All you showed were a couple images of the firestation and then you shot to the Fairfield Hills Campus, which is only a small and somewhat isolated part of town off of Route 25.

    But that does not mean that your feelings are not accurate. Because I will be very honest with you. I moved to Newtown from a neighboring town over a decade ago and even then something felt ‘off’ about Newtown. First of all, for some reason the people there were different. All the kids in the school were like ‘new kids’ and back then I excused this with the population boom and housing developments that were being built in the 90s. But the people seemed fake and unreal in a lot of ways. not all of them, but a certain very vocal and influential part of the population. And then there were the ‘townies’ who had been in the area a long time. The ones from Sandy Hook had a more ‘redneck’ vibe to them and there were lots of rumors about Sandy Hook having a lot of Satanism and Newtown in general was always thought to be very haunted; one of the most haunted towns in the state. If someone asked me 10 years ago what town in Connecticut was the most haunted and I’d have said it was probably Newtown.

    Though Sandy Hook has always been the “redneck” part of town that no one cared about, about 6 years ago The Newtown Bee began plugging Sandy Hook as more high end than it used to be. This annoyed me and I remember joking about how Sandy Hook was a dump. But at this time they made an artifical image of Sandy Hook and redid Churchill road to look much nicer. I figured this was to bring in more money, but it undoubtedly costs more money than it could ever bring in. If there is a “fake” town in Newtown it is Churchill road running through Sandy Hook. Otherwise Newtown is a disparate aggregation of ‘villages’.

    So I am not disagreeing with your article, because I agree there is something going on in Newtown. I just want to make it clear that there are a lot of real and quite normal people living in Newtown and that it has a lot of busy shopping centers which are indistinguishable from those the next town over.

  21. Avatar
    Richard Sanderson October 17, 2014

    It’s all mounting up as ammo to crush the 2nd ammendment.

  22. Avatar
    Richard Sanderson October 17, 2014

    Every day the wool gets thicker over John Q Public’s eyes, but everyone still pretends they can see everything clearly.

  23. Avatar
    Barry October 17, 2014

    (VIDEO) PROOF “Adam Lanza” never existed.

    2 different ID photos, taken 4 years apart, but they’re EXACTLY the same image. That is impossible. The government used Photoshop to flip the face (nose pointing slightly other direction) and change the background/hair. Sandy Hook = U.N. GUN GRAB HOAX (false-flag). Brought to you by CIA + Media.

    Sandy Hook was a STAGED EVENT by USGOV to fool American citizens.

    yt channel search Barry Soetoro title: PROOF ‘Adam Lanza’ never existed (SANDY HOAX)

  24. Avatar
    TerribleTim October 17, 2014

    Excellent research…My two cents. 🙂 lol yt channel TerribleTim. Title Sandy Hook Actor’s Anthem

  25. Avatar
    Robert October 17, 2014

    (AUDIO) Summary of behind-the-scenes CRIMES at Sandy Hook.
    Corrupt CT State Police.
    Corrupt DOJ.
    Corrupt FBI.
    Sandy Hook was a Gun-Grab ACT OF WAR.
    yt channel Glenn Canady search Veterans Today Radio (10-8-14) Stew Webb, James Fetzer, Preston James, Jim Dean, Dr. Croft

  26. Avatar
    Cal Worthington October 16, 2014

    The amount of unchecked stupidity in this article makes my head hurt. “People hanging out in a driveway”?! “Walking their dogs”?! My god, what madness is this?! This article is bad and you should feel bad.

    • Avatar
      Alohakido October 29, 2014

      Go see Cal…go see Cal…go see Cal

  27. Avatar
    Soluthes Sethulos October 15, 2014

    Wow great article! very creepy and it absolutely looks like an abandoned military base, I hate seeing those damn red bricks.

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