Ancient Egyptians In America – Hidden History

Ancient Egyptians In America – Hidden History


Could this be the reason many Masonic lodges in America have an Egyptian room? We are not privy to much of the hidden knowledge and history gather by the elite. We can only speculate on much of the origins of secret science and techniques used to build the wonders of the world.

It is obvious they know something, they will only share with a few. Is this the glamor to the younger generations? The promise of being the ones to receive gifts of secret knowledge, if they comply and tear down the older structure of constitution.

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It is a fact elite groups like Unesco are the guardians (so to speak) of our national parks and world heritage lands. We are limited access to these sites and it has been maintained to restrict further access to any of these lands via the Agenda 21 mandates.


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Were we in fact at one time possibly ruled by the pharaohs of old. Is this why so much of our culture is worshiping in the sense the Egyptian mindset? Though the Pharaohs may well have had a foot hold in North America it does not negate the fact we are a free and sociably separate society today. The day of the Pharatic Rule has shown, by what knowledge has been released, it was not a pleasant kingdom for the ordinary man. The elite today are once again striving to be Gods and we all do  know how that went for them the last time around. There is nothing New about the New World Order.

One thing is for sure. Much of the information we receive on any of these topics may well be controlled and tainted by “Them”. Our only hope is to move forward toward a new and brighter open society. Free of the parasitical controls we have been suppressed by and hope that one day we may well in fact find the truths we seek.


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My Favorite due to the commentary regarding Schools.





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