Annie Haddad is Nancy Lanza – The Most Censored Video On the Internet?

Annie Haddad is Nancy Lanza – The Most Censored Video On the Internet?

We will put as much information regarding Nancy Haddad being Nancy Lanza from The Paulstal Service as we can find.


The Anne Haddad – Kaitlin Roig Connection by thepaulstalservice

Sandy Hook Hoax – Anne Haddad is Nancy Lanza Top 10 Reasons



Part 1

1. Annie Haddad Looks Just Like Nancy Lanza:

Keep in mind the “perl necklace” image at left was taken a few years before the Interview at right- with lighting conditions that reduced shadows, and likely a lot of makeup on..  in a warmer setting- so, the redder nose at right would be expected, and the more prominant wrinkle near the cheek..  This is obviously the same person –  Notice the droopy eyelids- e very recognizeable similarity.

2. Annie Haddad lived less than a mile away from “Nancy Lanza”


Conveniently both “Haddad” and “Lanza” would exit their neighborhood using the same roads- so people would see her driving around and think “I just saw Nancy Lanza”- when in fact they were seeing the fake bitch Annie Haddad leaving her 27 COBBLERS MILL ROAD address and heading down to the bar..

3. The “Shared Bar” Sam’s Club – 1 Mill Street, Port Chester, New York

So, looking into one of “Annie Haddad’s” listed residences- 1 Mill Street, Port Chester, New York, we find that that is in fact a bar – Sam’s Bar and Restaurant –  When looking further into this bar we find none other thank Kaitlin Roig inside, and she appears to be very much a regular to the point of being called on of “Sam’s Girls” – she is even listed on the Facebook page for those skeptics who don’t think this is in fact her..


Quite the “coincidence” there- Roig is a regular of a bar Haddad lists as a past residence another state over.

4. “She was a teacher at the school”

We were told initially that “she was a teacher at the school” that was repeated over and over again- there were a number of people who said they knew her as a “caring and experienced kindergarden teacher” – other reports said she had worked at the school from 2008 to 2014 – and during one year Adam had gone to school @ Sandy Hook.

Then, they changed it to she had been a substitute teacher, and then changed that to “she volunteered as a teacher’s aid” –   Eventually saying “No, she didn’t work at the school at all and has no connection to the school.”

Well, what do we find out about Annie Haddad?   Her employment history lists her as working at St. Rose of Lima School (a school Ryan (aka Adam)) Supposedly attended, and in a fund-raising money grubbing page, she says “We were both devoted mothers, and TEACHERS of special needs kids”  – She is also listed as getting a special education teaching degree.


So, most likely, the confusion of seeing “Nancy Lanza” originally was simply people seeing Anne Haddad (Anne going by the nickname of anne- Nancy) while she volunteered at Sandy Hook.  Too many people said they saw “Nancy Lanza” for it to be ignore, and dead ringer Haddad would be the reason for this confusion.

5. Anne Haddad had a daughter who attended 2nd Grade @ Sandy Hook School and was in the class of Abbie Clements – A woman who was later interviewed and asked if she knew Nancy Lanza who had worked at Sandy Hook and said “The last name isn’t familiar” –  Indicating that in fact the first name Nancy was familiar to her.  It is also interesting to note that we never see Anne Haddad around Sandy Hook elementary in any of the video or photographic evidence attempting to collect her child from the school. – She likely didn’t want to be seen or photographed, as people would point out “Nancy Lanza” was at the firehouse –  Why she was later shown in an interview one can only wonder whether it was a “revelation of the method” or that her sudden absense from her “Mom’s night out meet up group” and other activiites would cause more suspicion..  She is definitely attempting to distort her identity in the interview she is in by tilting her head back and forward, squinting, then opening her eyes widely and moving her head to the left and right – anything she can do to avoid the classic “straight on perl necklace” shot that was show for “her” obituary.

6.  Anne Haddad was on the Sandy Hook PTA with many other of the “main players” in this event- including Manfredonia and many others.

It is more than just a “coincidence” a woman who looks exactly like Nancy Lanza happens to be on the Sandy Hook PTA – and Nobody says:  “Hey, doesn’t she kind of look like Nancy Lanza?”..  It is no coincidence so many people on the Sandy Hook PTA “lost their kids” and were interviewed by the media so much after the event- the PTA appears to be heavily infiltrated by the key players in this scam.

7. Diapers were seen in the 36 Yogananda house, only Haddad had a child close enough for diaper wearing age for this to make sense as both Adam and Ryan (of they were the same person) were much older than the age needed to wear children’s diapers.

8.  Anne = Nancy   Anne is a nickname for Nancy, and would be the perfect cover for “Nancy Haddad” aka “Anne Haddad” to infiltrate groups and the school, all the while telling people her name was Nancy.  If it was found out by anyone her name was in fact Anne, she could easily brush it off as a nickname, just like William and Bill are nicknames, yet sound nothing alike and don’t seem to have any grammatical connection.

9.  “Annie Haddad” has about 7 aliases, including, but not limited to
Annie Haddad
Anne Haddad
Annie Sweeney
Anne Giorno
Anne E Haddad
Anne P Haddad
Anne Jiorno
(and of course Nancy Haddad, and Beanie Champion)

This many aliases is circumstantial evidence we are dealing with an agent of some sort, not a normal person.

10.  “Both”  Married to a Peter.

As we know, in the official Sandy Hook fairy tail Nancy was married to a Peter – and low and behold Anne (aka Nancy) Haddad is also conveniently married to a Peter-  so if anyone knew her from her past and she had mentioned her husband Peter it would fit the official narrative just fine.

11.  “Both Attended” Monthly Mom’s Night Out Meet Ups.

“Both” Annie Haddad and Nancy Lanza were attendees of  local “Mom’s Night Out Meet Ups” (of course it was likely the exact same meet up group, there can’t be that many Monthly Mom’s night out meet ups in Sandy Hook)..  “Nancy (aka Anne)” was there with the older group back a few years ago, and there was a lot of turnover, and people remembered seeing “Nancy” – when in fact they were just seeing Annie Haddad.

“Mom’s meet ups” were one of the ONLY times “Nancy Lanza” was ever seen in public (besides being at the bar and shopping)-  as “Nancy” didn’t have a job (how convenient) – of course at the Mom’s night out meet ups, at the grocery store, and at the bar, people were just seeing Mrs. Anne Haddad.

12.  Nancy Lanza has ZERO pictures with her kids – as in absolutely ZERO.   Anne Haddad has 2 kids, and shows up with them in a picture where she appears to be a different woman..  But both have 2 Kids, and both have a son with a “learning disability”.


I tried to link to the video on Godlikeproductions and:


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Source: ThePaulstalService Yuku


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  1. Avatar
    CheLank January 15, 2015

    The video files are banned again, I suggest using something other than YouTube or making many mirrors to this video on multiple sites. Find a foreign video sharing site perhaps. Worst comes to worst we could distribute this via a torrent. If they are fighting this so hard, it means you’ve got a smoking gun on your hands.

    Please update the video links!

  2. Avatar
    The Man2 September 13, 2014

    I suspect the video uploads censoring is probably mostly done through text video titles, tags and descriptions.

    If you got a scoop it’s probably best to have non-descriptive titles and no names.

    Post the video on a blog and change it later or reupload a version and change it later, after people got a change to see it.

    • Avatar
      Luis April 12, 2015

      I really arpteciape this article, not only for making me think about my own life, but also for helping me understand and have compassion for someone like Adam Lanza and maybe how to recognize the signs. After all, this is what we always ask after a mass shooting how can we recognize the signs?This man’s story is to some extent relatable for me. Though I never harbored fantasies of mass murder, I was an extremely gifted child who grew up very lonely and isolated with few friends. This was exacerbated by the fact of my parents’ abuse and our family moving every few years. If not for the weak connections I had with a few friends and step-relatives, I may have gone the way of Adam Lanza too. It changed for me when I got to college and made many friends, some of whom were also strange like me albeit it in different ways. Prior to that, my fantasies ran more toward suicide than going out in a blaze of glory by shooting a bunch of people. I never saw myself living to be 30. In my 20 s though and well into my 30 s I had a recurring dream of an ax murderer who was constantly after me. He was very much like Jason in Friday the 13th and Michael in Halloween deeply troubled and feeling completely unworthy, bereft of love, friendship, and attention. Unbeknownst to me during the time those dreams were taking place, the ax murderer was actually my shadow side the deep fear of being unlovable and completely isolated, constructing and hiding behind many defenses, limited only by my very creative mind and all the games it could devise. I met a therapist during that time who recognized my high IQ and noted my severe depression. Genius is pain he told me. And he would have known. He was also extremely intellectually gifted and had his own stories to tell. I had never made the connection that my intelligence could have something to do with the severe depression and isolation I experienced.Now, years later, I have many friends, but I still sometimes fight against the urge to become isolated. Sometimes I still feel different because I don’t find many (if any) people who see the world like I do. I think the combination of being gifted and growing up in an abusive family is lethal without any channels for finding support. Looking back, I see my charming personality and affability as my saviors in life. They prevented me from becoming too isolated to find my way back. Even now, when I’m out of sorts, I can always count on going to work and talking with my female co-workers about what we’re wearing and our recent shopping sprees. These sorts of things help keep me grounded. I also arpteciaped this man’s story because it depicts very clearly that not all mass murderers are sociopaths, in spite of the lack of empathy needed to commit such a horrible crime. I believe there are many people who do bad things very bad things who are not sociopaths. I sometimes think there but for the grace of God go I. We cannot really imagine what goes on in people’s minds, especially if we label everyone as bad or evil based on our experiences with someone who is a true sociopath.

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