Anonymous Admits To Working For Government Agencies

Anonymous Admits To Working For Government Agencies


In a new so called “Joint Initiative”, “Anonymous” (who is not refuting the claim) and what is referred to as the new coalition force of “Ghost Security Group” have joined forces. However once you watch their new announcement it becomes clear Anonymous seems to have always been Ghost Security Group. In the video Ghost makes a bold statement today saying they ARE the CONTROLLING SECTION of Anonymous.


n the French site “Geek Box” review they announce the combination of this NEW group working or controlling Anonymous. We have suspected for some time that Anonymous was a romantic ideal, connected to the Governments of the NWO to create the illusion of hope and activism.


The Original Article in French is HERE: Ghost Security Group, un collectif d’hacktivistes qui combat Daesh aux côtés d’Anonymous


Ghost Security Group, a collective of hacktivists who fights alongside Daesh Anonymous

Depuis les attentats de Paris, les Anonymous ont publiquement déclaré la guerre à l’Etat Islamique. Suite à ces tragiques évènements, plus de 5500 comptes Twitter ont été supprimés et une liste des comptes favorables à Daesh continue d’être publiée. Dans dans cette guerre numérique, les Anonymous ne sont pas seuls.

Since the attacks in Paris, Anonymous publicly declared war on the Islamic state. Following these tragic events, over 5,500 Twitter accounts were deleted and a list of favorable accounts Daesh continues to be published. In this digital war, Anonymous are not alone.

Depuis quelques jours, un groupe hors du collectif Anonymous fait parler de lui. Son nom, le Ghost Security Group. Ce groupe, constitué de volontaires, fouille l’Internet à la recherche de contenu ou comptes favorables à Daesh. Sur leur site, on peut lire, entre autre “ID Twitter signalés : 9875; Signalement total : 19 381“. En plus de ces actions, ses membres se feraient passer pour des candidats au djihad dans le but d’infiltrer l’État Islamique. “Nous agissons comme un service de renseignement“, explique le directeur du groupe.

In recent days, a group out of the Anonymous collective of talk. Its name, the Ghost Security Group. This group, made up of volunteers searched the internet looking for content or accounts Daesh favor. On their website, one can read, among other reported Twitter ID: 9875; Reporting total: 19,381.” In addition to these actions, its members would pose as candidates for jihad in order to infiltrate the Islamic State. We act as an intelligence service,” explains the director of the group.
Ghost logo

Une initiative qui, bien que posant quelques soucis légaux, ne semble pas déranger les services de renseignements américains. Toujours d’après le directeur du Ghost Security Group, les informations recueillies sont fournies au FBI et aux agences gouvernementales. Agences qui “apprécient cette aide extérieure”, selon Michael Smith, un conseiller en terrorisme auprès du Congrès américain.

An initiative which, although pose some legal concerns, does not seem to bother the US intelligence services. Also according to the director of Ghost Security Group, the information collected is provided to the FBI and government agencies. Agencies like this outside help,” says Michael Smith, a counselor with terrorism the US Congress.

Pas de coordination = No coordination


Si les Anonymous et le Ghost Security Goup ont le même objectif, les deux organismes possèdent un mode opératoire qui diffère. Ainsi, les hackers au masque de Guy Fawkes et le Chost Security suppriment les comptes. De leur côté, les Anonymous publient en plus une liste d’utilisateurs favorables à Daesh . Le Ghost Security, lui, rapporte et signale les contenus pro-EI. Deux entités, deux actions. Ces opérations, bien qu’allant dans le même sens, ne semblent pas se rejoindre et demeurent, aux yeux de la loi, illégales.

Pour J.M. Berger, un expert sur la situation de l’Etat Islamique, l’effet de ces collectifs est positif. “Je pense que la majorité des signalements a été fait par des groupes comme Anonymous et le Ghost Security.

If Anonymous and Ghost Security Group have the same goal, the two organizations have a procedure that differs. Thus, hackers in Guy Fawkes mask and suppress Ghost Security accounts. For their part, Anonymous published a list of more favorable Daesh users. The Ghost Security, he reports and reports pro-EI content. Two entities, two actions. These operations, though that going in the same direction, do not seem to join and remain in the eyes of the law, illegal.

To JM Berger, an expert on the situation of the Islamic State, the effect of these collective is positive. “I think the majority of reports was done by groups like Anonymous and Ghost Security.


Report saying Anonymous and Ghost Security are working together and co-operating with Government Entities, as well as taking donation for their efforts.



ts almost comical this group on one hand pretends to be a private organization, yet working with the Federal Government. Come on really! Hey if you believe they are private organization with our best interests at hear, fighting for our freedoms and security. Why not organize a fundraiser and grab some donation money from the public while your at it. Oh Wait! They are!!!!

ghost bitcoincrowdriseghost fundraiser

Ghost Security Group admit working for the feds for free and don’t mind asking the public for funding. While Obama is funding ISIS/ISIL or whatever the flavor of the month is. Obama is throwing Americans Tax money to these so called Rebel Forces and since you claim to be so close to the FEDS then ask them to dish a bit your way Ghost, as we are sure you currently are doing so. Please stop testing our intelligence. This looks so nefarious/ridiculous/obscene/comical/sleazy and just plain wrong.


e should all be concerned with the fact the FBI is confirming what Anonymous is supposedly revealing. I don’t believe if Anonymous is a real group that they would co-operate with the current Government. Be discerning.

Correction to this video ^ they admit they are not a private organization working alone. They are working in co-operation with Feds.

Predictive Programing for Truther’s


e know after most events happen we somehow subconsciously knew they would. Is it because we are ready or because we have been programed? Here is an example of what I noticed. This might be considered predictive programing for those nearly awake or awakening and interested in the conspiracies being circulated. Hidden within these television programs I believe are messages.

Let me explain how a recent event assured me Anonymous was about to come out so to speak or that an event would be associated with Anonymous or Anarchist Groups.

I have been watching some interesting programs on T.V. and my focus have been mostly on those with poses of Angels. I was intrigued by the fact Obama was forced to address “Conspiracy Theorists” during his address to the U.N. earlier this year. I was also very intrigued with the fact we are forcing programs to address or discuss many of the facts we have been showing through videos on YouTube or websites. We are forcing them to investigate these suspicions we all have and that a WIN for all of us.


This is an intentional pose to represent an angel. Possibly he is announcing his loyalty to one specific fallen angel. This also subconsciously suggests he is good, trustworthy or truthful.

Recently while watching a segment of America Unearthed I noticed something very suspicious on the show. They were reviewing who created the Georgia Guide Stones. The show was Season 2 Episode 2 or 22 (possibly Nov. 22 Dec. 22 who knows) Well during the show something very interesting came up. While filming the first segment of the hosts visit to the Guide Stones there was nothing in the luminary window of the stones. However later in the show when he returns there is a mark below the window of the sign and symbol of infinity, the Ouroboros. It was quick and intentional.

unity guidestones


As well within  the other luminary window when he returned was and Anarchy Freedom written in with felt pen.

freedom guidestones

We all know how clean they keep the Guide Stones and that graffiti is immediately cleaned off the stone. They are paid to keep the stones clean, so this to me was a message. As he looked into this opening and what he said while he looked through the Luminary window of the Guide Stones seemed very revealing to me.



Please See Video:




e know Anonymous came out with a video declaring an Attack on Nov. 22, 2015 eminent.

I outlined this agenda two years ago on how Obama would use radical factions to create chaos.

It was written on the board in I Pet Goat II.



I believe Anonymous and such groups may well be either infiltrated or fully taken over and operational by the nefarious order that has taken over our Governments. There are Traitors walking the halls of our Capitals.

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