Arapahoe School Shooting Hoax – Claire Davis – ALIVE and Well!

Investigation into the Arapahoe “school shooting” have led to shocking results. The available evidence is presented here, for your own examination. Based on this information, it appears that the supposed “Arapaoe victim”, is another in a growing chain of faked identities, used as disposable personas in staged shooting events and faked deaths.


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    spiritwolf04 April 06, 2014

    Well Facebook and G+ think they got me from sharing your page but I got news for them I have a toolbar that allows me to share to social web sites…lol on them. Yeah every time I try to share from your page it gives me an error, so I use my toolbar to share. Then I go to other pages that I’m subbed to and share that way too. So I’m getting the truth out one way or another.

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