Are countries secretly backdoor dealing in land grabs?

Are countries secretly backdoor dealing in land grabs?

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Why is the U.S. being allowed to bomb Syria’s Oil infrastructure and Russia is hardly saying a word about it considering that Syria is their Ally. Why is Russia Laying claim to almost the entire Arctic Region for the untapped oil and we hardly hear a word about it? Secret backdoor Landgrab deals going on perhaps?……


s it a land grab for specific nations or could it be a land grab for a specific organization who wants to rule the world?

Russia during the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics made an unpresidented move to set the Olympic torch flags all around the world. Never before had they had access to many of the positions in which they placed the torch and flags.

From the North Pole to the Largest Fresh Water supply in the world to Space. This had never been done before on behalf of an organization so steeped in the NWO and United Nations.

Sochi 2014 Olympic Flame at the North Pole

Olympic Torch Relay (Day 47) – Olympic Flame goes underwater at Lake Baikal

[ISS] Olympic Torch Relay in Space outside the International Space Station

Realistacly we can no longer surmise that there are individual states nor countries when we look closer at the 1943 Design and Development of the United Nations:


Wartime poster for the United Nations, created in 1943 by the US Office of War Information.


Wartime poster for the United Nations, created in 1942 by the US Office of War Information, showing the 26 members of the alliance.


Source: Declaration of United Nations

The Idea of Forming a Council for Peace and Security was underway well into the 1940’s

The Proof is in the history of the development of the United Nations.



t is all just a guise to keep the world guessing as to who is the power force behind the whole game of lies. War is profitable and keeps the money coming into these nations. Fact is all these temporary leaders are nothing more than puppets to get the whole larger machine in place for the hidden hand of the banking oligarchies. Leaders come and go, there are however a few families who never phase out of the control mechanism. Those are our true leaders. Besides War is good for business and it is an excellent mechanism for population reduction.




s for the Queen the London Olympics showed her, who was actually in charge. If you recall her character was thrown out of a helicopter (which she was not amused at) the gaudy spectacle reeked of pure Illuminati agenda’s. She did not display a happy face during those opening and closing events either. In other words she was told how it would be and she with disdain had to comply. Rothschilds truly do control countries and empires. Make no mistake.

In closing lets look at one more questionable event recently:

The Queen bestows a Damehood title on Angelina Jolie, Since when does the Queen of England give such a prestigious honor upon anyone with her handbag on her arm. Anyone who knows anything it would never happen. The Queen being such a stickler for pop and circumstance would never give title with her handbag on her arm. The pictures reek of falsehoods. (This was unprecedented. Who else has she given such a title to? Then to present it with such casual accord, doubtful.)




call BS on this lie. The same instance had the queen leaving with an Australian commissioner to go to an awards ceremony to give out prestigious recognition to others and she did not done her purse for that occasion. It also appears when you look at the eyes of Jolie it is as if she is not even looking at the queen but above her. This very well could have been a photoshoped exchange. One more note: The Queen does not wonder around the palace with her handbag in tow. She has a million staff members to fetch her anything she may need. This is a farce and a TELL to the other royals this is fake, by way of the purse in hand. A contrived event to assure the English people Jolie is accepted for her NWO/United Nations work around the world, it is just a staging of pretend support.

jolie photoshotphotoshotThe supposed moment they arrive at the award in London, same background, same door. Its all just a photo shoot. The full picture on the right has been cropped by mainstream because to many were noticing they were the same location on the same day. Look at the glass in the background, it has just had the view modified a bit.


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