Australian Roundtable Podcast | Episode #07 (LIVE BROADCAST)

Australian Roundtable Podcast | Episode #07 (LIVE BROADCAST)

A reminder to join in an listen to our Sister Roundtable Australian Roundtable Podcast.

Tune into some great conversations and insight into current events not only in and around Australia, but the world. Sub and support they are a great team working for truth and understanding of our current headlines.


Special G-20 past show

Australian Roundtable Podcast | G20 Special – Sun 16 Nov


Video Description:

Join Lindsey, Ethan and Johnno as they present a special edition of the Australian Roundtable Podcast LIVE from Brisbane, Australia, following the conclusion of the Brisbane G20.

News Corp turning on Abbott over ‘Climate Change’ – 11:56
General panel discussion about ‘Climate Change’ – 34:14
G20 Communique on getting more women into the workforce – 51:50
Indigenous protestors burning Australian flag – 1:03:58
‘Putin vs the World’ msm nonsense – 1:20:56


The Australian Round Table is a 90-minute Brisbane-based podcast discussing the latest domestic and international news – with additional featured segments such as guest interviews, guest panelists, internet features and much more.

An independent, grassroots media network – the podcast will be a central hub for all the biggest names in a continuously expanding platform of independent and alternative networks in Australia to share ideas, cross-promote brands and elaborate on vital information each week.

The ART Podcast is committed to discussing issues not addressed by the mainstream establishment, and presents a much-needed alternative viewpoint in a world full of programmed narratives and daily manipulation of the preconceived world around us.

The podcast serves as a focal point to launch a collaborative hub for like-minded individuals to listen, join in and/or contribute to combat a world full of spin, deception and lies.



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    Daniel Martinelli November 23, 2014

    Well done, you blokes are at your best when all together..

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