Baiting Dissent – #TexasUnderAttack

Baiting Dissent – #TexasUnderAttack

Video Description:

Approximately twenty minutes before a shooting at an event to promote free speech in Garland, Texas, which resulted in an injured officer and two dead suspects, a radical jihadist account on Twitter posted that a person was with another individual and insinuated that he was planning to sacrifice his life to Islam’s “Allah,” using the hashtag #texasattack.

The bro with me and myself have given bay’ah to Amirul Mu’mineen. May Allah accept us as mujahideen. Make dua #texasattack

— Shariah is Light (@atawaakul) May 3, 2015

The Twitter account of the individual in question, @atawaakul, sports the username, “Shariah Is Life,” and has expressed many pro-Islamic State sentiments on its timeline. A photo of Anwar Al Awlaki, the deceased Al Qaeda master recruiter, is displayed as the Twitter user’s profile picture. On April 23, the Twitter user linked to a Breitbart News article written by Pamela Geller, who organized the “Draw Muhammad Contest” in Garland. Texas.

When will they ever learn? They are planning on selecting the best picture drawn of Rasulullah (saws) in texas. — Shariah is Light (@atawaakul) April 23, 2015

Rober Spencer, who runs the website Jihad Watch and helped organize the event, wrote on Twitter that he had received threats from pro-ISIS accounts prior to the shooting.

@Gareth_Tigre @mrjammyjamjar1 they are tweeting that they did it, and we got threats beforehand

— Robert Spencer (@jihadwatchRS) May 4, 2015

It appears as if the user had previous run-ins with the law, according to the Twitter account in question.

@dawlah104 @_Bint_AlTurki when they come to your home and take you to their prisons they humiliate you. — Shariah is Light (@atawaakul) April 30, 2015

@_Bint_AlTurki @dawlah104 When I got arrested in 2010 I had to hear an agent say while on her cell phone “I made my first arrest”


twitter atawaakulHow does a Gunman who is reportedly dead go into his account in less than 30 minutes and start banning individuals from viewing his twitter account. Unless the account is controlled by someone on the outside. Government? Media? You decide.

geller with security

 Possibly just another Patsy?

Video Description:

One of the suspects in the shooting in Garland, Texas, late Sunday has been identified as Elton Simpson, an Arizona man who was previously the subject of a terror investigation, according to a senior FBI official.

Overnight and today FBI agents and a bomb squad were at Simpson’s home in an apartment complex in north Phoenix where a robot is believed to be conducting an initial search of the apartment.

Officials believe Simpson is the person who sent out several Twitter messages prior to the attack on Sunday, in the last one using the hashtag #TexasAttack about half an hour before the shooting.Local police said two suspects opened fire late Sunday outside a community center in Garland that was hosting an event displaying cartoons of the prophet Muhammad. One unarmed security guard was injured, but other security officers managed to fatally shoot both attackers before anyone else was hurt or killed.

John Iannarelli, Assistant Special Agent in Charge FBI’s Phoenix office, said authorities in Texas traced both suspects to the Phoenix apartment and that the two appear to have been roommates. The second suspect has not been publicly identified.

Followers of ISIS had been sending messages about the event in Texas for more than a week, calling for attacks. One referenced January’s Charlie Hebdo massacre in France and said it was time for “brothers” in the United States to do their part.

Simpson was well known to the FBI. Five years ago he was convicted for lying to federal agents about his plans to travel to Africa where investigators alleged he planned to join a terror group.

The investigation into Simpson reached back to July 2007, when he was recorded saying of fighting with Islamists, “I know we can do it, man. But you got to find the right people that… Gotta have connects.”

Despite that and other recordings, a judge ruled the government did not adequately prove Simpson was going to join a terror group and Simpson was sentenced to three years’ probation for lying to investigators.

TRIAL BRIEF: U.S. vs. Elton Simpson (PDF)
Kristina Sitton, who represented Simpson in the 2010 trial, said her former client had been on a no-fly list and that the FBI had attempted to get Simpson to cooperate with them, even after his conviction. She saw him, she said, as “harmless.”

“He grew up the most normal guy. Just a normal high school guy… Converting to Islam seemed like a good thing for him. He had been going down a bad path and then he found Islam,” Sitton told ABC News. “He never struck me as someone who would do this sort of thing. I’m not a bleeding heart, I’m a Republican. I’ve seen some pretty bad guys and he seemed pretty normal.”

twitter atawaakul 2


f they knew all of this prior to the event, then why not pick him up for questioning? If tweets were going out and they had this guy under suspicion then why the delay? If the FBI knew then why did they order to “Stand Down?”To create division, race war and terror on the public?

When you watch this interview it seems very indicative of race baiting and setting up these type of attacks. Although we agree we have every right to draw, create or express your freedom of speech. However this is designed to create offense towards others of which will lead to restrictions on our rights by design.

Do you believe for a moment “They” did not manufacture this event. Listen to the direction this interview goes. In an undertone of praise for local police and para-military agents who apparently saved the day by killing these individuals is a design building to ‘We The People’ calling for more or stronger para-military type protections. It is a strange twist of mindset to seemingly advance the quote “Freedom of Speech” while in fact designing it to be limited via counter control mechanisms. This is psychology 101. Getting what you want by way of having the public demand changes, without realizing the game being played on the public’s opinions.




Geller blogPamela Geller’s Blog picture. Rothschild backed.


Is Pamela Geller a Patriot focused on ‘Free Speech’ or is there more behind her Muhammad focus:

Geller Jew

geller jew3

Who funded this event?





Zionist Controlled and Designed. There are no Organic Patriots Standing UP!

Geller jew 4

This whole event is far more than meets the eye!


Original Promotion for the Contest.




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