Barack Obama’s Coming Martial Law

Barack Obama’s Coming Martial Law



bama is seemingly about to declare himself ruler for life. The evidence of massive militarization of the police along with the construction of detailed cities mirroring those in North America, should be enough to show plans are underway to annihilate the American way of life. The proof is overwhelming, yet what does congress or anyone of those at the trough concede to do about it besides nothing. The current politicians show no signs of concern. Those in government are out of control and before you know it there will be no recovering from the devastation they are about to unleash. Are we about to just let it happen? Will there by a way to recover and get any part of what we once had back? The answer depends on each of us as individuals. Obviously the military will not save us as they are willing participants in the unfolding events.

We must find it within ourselves to take back what is ours. Rebuild the nation with the smaller more independent manufactures of goods and services. Kill off the corporation who are participants in this massive conspiracy against the citizens of the world. We can achieve the goal if we are all on the side of unity and understanding. There is no black and white nor better than another. We are all in this together and although they want race wars and division, the line in the sand has been drawn and we are all on the same side of loosing. The time is now to take action and begin supporting only local goods and services. Do your part in supporting those close to home and dependent on a living near you. Solutions are out there and we need to begin seriously searching for the solutions for ourselves.

MaxResistance is dedicated toward showing solutions. We would like to design a specific area of the site to actual solutions that can work for you. Please if you find solutions for various problems then please forward them onto the site and we will begin to accumulate them and put them forward for all to see and utilize. In  a short time we will dedicate a specific email address just for you to forward your solutions onto. We are in this together and need to support one another in one localized place. We are trying to build such a place on the site. Watch for it coming soon. The time for proof is past, now is the time for answers.

Lets not loose our grit, the nation was build on less than what we already know to be a solid foundation. There is nothing wrong with the constitution nor the governing laws of old. Those are the very foundation they wish to eliminate. If they want to get rid of them then its because that foundation is what detains them from fomenting their full plans. Learn from our mistakes and move forward. Freedom is not free. This plan and process can be done peacefully. Don’t give them the Chaos they thrive on.



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