Because I’m Happy – Sandy Hook, Foley, Cassidy Stay, 9/11 – Hoax Duping Delight

Because I’m Happy – Sandy Hook, Foley, Cassidy Stay, 9/11 – Hoax Duping Delight


It’s strange enough most of these people “who just lost their loved ones and or families” decide to go on media programs the day after, or just a few days after their alleged loved ones are killed- what is even more bizarre is the lack of sadness/emotion- the lack of tears, and the overall “Happy” atmosphere of the interviews.

It’s like these people just won the lottery- not just got their family members murdered.

This is obvious duping delight- The joy of feeling you have tricked those listening to you into believing your false story.

This duping delight music video points out a few of the examples (there are many more) of these likely paid off sociopaths “forgetting” their loved ones were killed and smiling/laughing their asses off… They’re happy because it’s “pay day time”.. and they enjoy lying to the American people.. It’s “funny” because nobody died, and it’s pay time.


Duping Delight:

2 interviews from victims of the LAX shooting. These victims have a strange smirk on their face. They seem too happy in the wake of terror.


James Foley


Alice Hoagland In Wonderland

The term “Duping Delight” is used by body language experts to describe a sociopathic liar- who is attempting to show they are sad, but can’t contain their joy over getting away with deception- Someone displaying “duping delight” literally can’t control their actual emotions, displaying their underlying joy they experience for fooling people.

When we watch a number of videos from the high-profile (still in the media spotlight) 9/11 mother Alice Hoagland, who was allegedly the mother of Mark Bingham, we see all the tell-tale signs of duping delight. Even in the 2 interviews that were shot the day after her son dies, Mrs. Hoagland is unable to keep a straight face- displays no tears, and continuously is seen smiling and sometimes laughing.

Hoagland is always praising the government spying apparatus as heroes (even though they did nothing to stop the alleged murder of her son, or stop 9/11) and has even appeared on the 9/11 truth debunking program: “9/11 Conspiracy Road Trip” next to Charlie Lair/Sellout Veitch.

Hoagland also testified before the Zacarias Moussaoui trial- asking him to get life in prison instead of the death sentence. If you have watched my video: “Judy Clarke – The Lawyer Who Makes Evidence Disappear”… You will realize the importance of this testimony in making sure no real evidence would ever show up in a legitimate Jury trial- the “life in prison plea bargain” hides all evidence, and a jury trial is never had- and video, audio, and other evidence is hidden from the public.

There is nothing funny about your son dying. Most people likely wouldn’t even do an interview the day after- However, Alice is clearly in Wonderland, and suffering from Duping Delight- she is clearly not a grieving mother.

The Spelling of Alice Hoagland- often she is also called Alice Hoglan – If you check Wikipedia they spell it Alice Hoagland – This article calls her Alice Hoagland:…

CBS San Francisco calls here Alice Hoagland:… (Why all the confusion about the spelling of her name?)

Hundreds of other “scholarly” articles call her Hoagland.. but in the original broadcasts she was called Alice Hoglan – Just an interesting aside.

TED talk on duping delight:…


Three Israeli Missing Teens

Three Israeli teenagers have allegedly been kidnapped and murdered by Hamas. The mother of one of the missing teens gave a series of awkward interviews, indicating this incident may require further investigation. As with Sandy Hook, many of the parents showed no discernible grief after having supposedly lost a child in the most horrific manner imaginable.


The list goes on and on with these fake non-emotionals. The banter of happiness in the face of such tragedy is absolutely ridiculous. No real natural persons of such loses would all forgo the tragedy to be on national television, with happy happy smiles over their lost loved one. Possibly one or two in thousands might show such non-emotion reactions, however one after the other is an insult to our intelligence. There are those who rejoice in knowing a loved one who has suffered, has possibly moved onto a better place, being released of the pain and heartbreak of seeing them hurt and lingering. This type of reaction would be more of an uplifting overture of relief and renewed hope . Those who lose young vibrant siblings or children would seem to naturally have a much different reactionary demeanor, than happiness or joy with a hint of glee.

Question these reactions within the news media, as they are unnatural and seemingly contrived and concocted acts. All the world is a stage and we are mire actors upon it. Real life is richer than just an acting job. Sincerity comes from the heart and these actors seem to be lacking. Yet when we point to the obvious they call us heartless. Thats called twisting the lies and deceptions perspective to have you on the offensive. Don`t fall for these old lies and liars. The logical conclusion is, they are smiling for the money. Happy go Lucky 🙂

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    the truth is good! September 02, 2014


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    the truth is good! September 02, 2014

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