Beheading of David Haines

Beheading of David Haines
The so called ISIS or ISIL or whatever the new name is this week or the flavor of the month. They put this guy as their front talking head during these video recordings, due to the fact he was apparently the only one who spoke fluent English. Why then does the guy in the back ground say “Ok We’re Good”, if they don’t speak English? Because this is all STAGED, IT’S FAKE!!!!

This is what we call Take 1 “Rolling”! – This short cut is just that a practice cut

Courtesy of Tatoott1009

This video is being censored all over the net, so grab it while you can: This is the only footage we can find

We Urge you to watch the last two videos. The Evidence is there and in the supporting articles, this is FAKE!


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NO Real Graphic Content: Edited

The British terrorist of the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant beheaded his 3rd victim in front of the camera: This time, a British citizen named David Cawthorne Haines.

Haines is believed to have been a security manager in South Sudan with the organization Nonviolent Peaceforce. From February to August 2012, Haines worked for the group whose mission “is to promote, develop and implement unarmed civilian peacekeeping as a tool for reducing violence and protecting civilians in situations of violent conflict.”

ISIL has also threatened to execute another British citizen, Alan Henning, next time!

*Some violent parts of this video, including the execution scene have been edited out to make this video viewable to the public for informative purposes.
Also, due to respect to the family of David and his memory, the full speech of the British victim made under pressure and by terrorists’ force is not included in this version of the video.

Source: Heavy

 Full Version

Source: YourNewsWire

Breakdown of this video:




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 Experts Conclude Beheading Video FAKE


greenscreendavidSource: Picture


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  1. Avatar
    the truth is good! September 15, 2014

    people who are going to the dentist are more affraid,than this guy,and james foley and steven sotloff when they know there head is going to “beheaded”,if people see a spider they are more affraid than this/these guy(s),or a mice….LOL;)

  2. Avatar
    the truth is good! September 14, 2014

    next week the fourth fake “beheading”(every country in the world,is on the “list”first usa,now u.k,than spain?,germany?iceland?portugal?etc..etc..etc..MARS?;)

  3. Avatar
    the truth is good! September 14, 2014

    it’s getting boring all those FAKE “BEHEADINGS”….and still 99% of all of the people world wide believe all the 3 “beheadings”are real…….SUCH A SHAME!

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