Behind the scenes at the Connecticut FOIA Hearing

Behind the scenes at the Connecticut FOIA Hearing


ue to technical difficulties we at MaxResistance resorted to grabbing what ever live feed we could to bring you the Hartford Hearing live. So before you associate us with being connected with Dan Bidondi or any Infowars outlet know this. We are not associate with them in any way. We simply grabbed what was available to bring you it live. We do no always agree with Mr. Bidondi nor Infowars, however the fact they broadcasted was convenient and allowed us to bring to you the information immediately. Its the information that is important and not the character in this situation. So stop accusing us of something that is not there. We again only grabbed their livestream because our streamer could not fix her phone to stream directly to MaxResistance. Otherwise the public would have had to wait for the release of this hearing a few more days. In the case of the first hearing most of the background information has still NOT been released.

We hope you can at the very least appreciate our team tried the best they could with what we had, during this unforeseen circumstance. A few of us took time off work to try and bring these details to you live, as best we could. Thank you.



ove him or hate him Dan Bidondi grabbed the moment and followed Monty Frank and Chief of Police Michael Kehoe out of the Hartford FOIA hearing room. Bidondi asked questions such as. “What’s it like to represent criminals Mr. Frank”? As well as question directed at Michael Kehoe such as, “Is it true you put in for your retirement and is it to do with your involvement with the Sandy Hook Coverup”?

The reactions or lack of were very interesting. Bidondi ask Frank and Kehoe to take the time to answer some questions, while in hot pursuit behind the pair. Dan Bidondi asked if they had nothing to hide them why avoid all questions and enquirers?

Interesting that while trying to ask the questions of Monty Frank Dan asked for Franks response regarding defending criminals in a cover-up. The only response verbally Monty Frank offered Mr. Bidondi was to “Watch Your Back” although Dan was walking backwards at the time and in no eminent danger of walking into anything. This response could be taken as more than just a walking warning. Listen in and lets hear what you think. Please comment below.

Full Segments of Behind the Scenes Footage

NOTE: If you watched the Above Video ^^^ it is again included in this segment around the 27:10 mark to 34:30 mark. Just skip that portion to view new details during the background scenes at the hearing.



The departing police chief of still-grieving Newtown, Conn. said there were times after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre when he felt “overwhelmed.”

“I just kept saying to myself, there’s a bunch of jobs to do here, lots of tasks to get done,” Chief of Police Michael Kehoe said Thursday. “I just kept thinking, there’s going to be an end to this at some point in time. You work very hard just to get to that point where you can take a deep breath.”

What helped, Kehoe said, was seeing how Newtown and his police officers dealt with the tragedy.

“I think we came together, law enforcement, as a community, to tackle all those issues and concerns that came up,” he said.

Still, Kehoe said, more than two years later neither his town nor his department are “back to normal.”

“I know there’s always going to be a new normal,” he said. “I think we are closer to normal every day.”


Kehoe, 60, who will turn over the reins of the department he had lead for 14 years in January, spoke with The Daily News several days after he tendered his resignation.


He said if there’s one thing he learned from the horrific December 2012 slaughter it’s that even tough cops need to be better prepared mentally for the unimaginable.

“We’re looking at ways to start early on with the basic training that a police officer gets and start to build resiliency from the very beginning,” he said.

This is “so that we don’t have this situations where all of a sudden you see a traumatic event and you can’t work anymore,” he said.

Kehoe praised his officers for hanging tough and for continuing to show up even as Newtown was gripped by heartbreak. He said his greatest fear — that an officer might take his or her own life — thankfully did not happen.

Responders gather at the scene of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012. Kehoe was among the first police officers to arrive at the school. He refused to describe in detail what he saw.

Mario Tama/Getty Images

Responders gather at the scene of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012. Kehoe was among the first police officers to arrive at the school. He refused to describe in detail what he saw.

“We don’t want anybody to be a victim of the work that they do,” he added. “We don’t want anyone taking their own life with their own hands.”

Asked about the toll it took on him, Kehoe said “I can’t say it was not hard.”

“There’s really nothing that can prepare you for that type of event,” he said. “That is beyond what any one person could be really skilled at dealing with.”

Kehoe joined the Newtown force as a police officer 37-years-ago and said he never imagined he would one day be chief.

“I always had ambitions of moving up in rank, always looking for new challenges, new responsibilities,” he said. “That was always a part of your thinking but you never knew how far that would take you.”



Adam Lanza used a .223-caliber Bushmaster Model XM15 rifle to commit the massacre. His mother bought the weapon.

Kehoe said he was already thinking about retirement when Adam Lanza burst into the school and slaughtered 20 first-graders and six staffers before killing himself.

One of the first officers to enter the blood-soaked school, Kehoe refused to describe in detail what he saw. He said what he focused on was doing his job.

In the aftermath of the massacre, Kehoe called for a ban on assault weapons after it was revealed that Lanza was packing more heat than any of his officers.

Lanza used a .223-caliber Bushmaster Model XM15 rifle — bought by his mother — to kill the kids and their teachers, according to the Connecticut State Police. He killed himself with a Glock-20 pistol.

Kehoe said he is still for banning these weapons and intends to keep pressing for that if “there’s opportunities along the way that may lend itself (to) my voice.”

A memorial for the Sandy Hook victims is seen in Sandy Hook Village in Newtown, Conn. on Dec. 18, 2012.


A memorial for the Sandy Hook victims is seen in Sandy Hook Village in Newtown, Conn. on Dec. 18, 2012.

“It’s a very difficult subject matter, a lot of passionate sides on this,” he said.

Kehoe said he also intends to keep talking about the importance of mental health programs so troubled people like Lanza have an alternative to mass murder.

“We as a community have to look at that and say, ‘Gee, can we find the next person that want to do this and prevent it?”

Source: DailyNews

Our Message to Michael Kehoe:

Mr. Kehoe you took an oath to the American public, why hide all the information, documentation and redacted investigative files? You were paid by the public, to serve the public and will retire on public money. You should be ashamed for withholding information from those who paid you for your lack of service. This only leave the public to assume your whole career was a tainted farce and someone paid you more to cover-up critical information relating to this event.

Again Mr. Kehoe, if you have nothing to hide, then why hide, suppress and avoid the release of information obtained during the supposed investigation?



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    kenny grimes July 08, 2015

    With Obama involved in this, nothing will happen to any of these people, these people are criminals and should be in prison right now, but our Government is the head of the snake.

    What happened to any of the traitors in our Government after 9/11 Nothing, just like here nothing will happen either, it’s sad that people can get away with shit like this because there are not enough American people with the brains and the balls to do anything about it.

    The American people are conditioned to be duped, and our Government or so called “leaders” really believe that the American people are to stupid and preoccupied to do anything about it……….sad sad sad…….God help us….

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    pete June 25, 2015

    Check out this ripping

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    Casey June 18, 2015

    “Monte Frank” has the demeanor of a blackmailed homosexual. I doubt his real name is “Monte Frank.”

  4. Avatar
    Yvette June 05, 2015

    The answers he gave in this article are just more of pretending something happened while admitting to doing and seeing absolutely nothing! He can’t describe anything outside of broad brushstroke language that someone would say about an event like this but not actually an event like this occurring! Look closely at what he said, and it’s just generalities that anyone would assume if they had to discuss of what it would be like, while noting they can’t describe the scene! LMFAO! This is more evidence the fuqer is lying and knows nothing occurred

  5. Avatar
    joe June 05, 2015

    he said ‘watch you back’ as Dan was walking backwards into the lampost..

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