Benghazi Betrayal: A False Flag YOU Can Prove

Benghazi Betrayal: A False Flag YOU Can Prove

For any haters out there, when information is provided showing the proof of a matter, you don’t kill the messenger nor throw the baby out with the bathwater. I suggest you take in the scope of the facts provided and consider the magnitude of this release, what it indicates and who it implicates.



f you thought the Benghazi emails were the smoking gun, then Montagraph from “Lies Wide Open” found the forensic ballistics. In his video “You Slue the Benghazi Betrayal” he walks you through set by step to show you how the whole lie was created.

With the information presented to you below, it appears that the US Government contractor Stanley Inc. took a video that was published in July, 2012, ripped it from a Youtube user account only to edit, re-upload, and change the name to “The Innocence of Muslims”. This video was then used as a motive for the September 11th 2012 Benghazi attack where US Ambassador Stevens, staff, and others were killed.

We encourage everyone to investigate and try this out for themselves. As of today (5-2-14) the links are all still working, but it will only be a matter of time before they scrub this from the internet as well.



Here is the 1st link to the Bacile channel:…

Here is the second link to NewsPoliticsNow3:…


The Real thriller to this whole brilliant outlined evidence of the lie, is the “FACT THE WHITE HOUSE BACKED AND PROMOTED THIS LIE FROM THE START 100%“. Realize right here, right now, those currently holding high positions in our Governments are infiltrators, special emphasis on Traitor. They have been sneaky, devious and patient in getting inside every facet of our countries infrastructure. There will be no weeding a few out. None are to be trusted and none are to be left within. You can’t Vote them out nor can you petition nor protest them out. We must return with fresh and new honest individuals who are nether lawyers, judges or police. Our Countries MUST be rebuilt upon what it is they wan to tear down. Our Soverienty and Constitutions. Returning to sound and fair governing without lobbiest nor corporate influences is the only way. Wake Up to the lies.















This is a live as-you-go demonstration of the steps that were taken to come to Montagraph’s conclusion.  Video below is one of Montagraph’s alternate Youtube channels.


“Benghazi’s Smoking Gun”



Thank you to Chrissy Sumer, Montagraph, & AgentSmith of “Lies Wide Open” for their vigilance and dedication to exposing the lies of this government and the media.  You can listen to “Lies Wide Open” LIVE every Friday night @ 11PM EST on and follow them directly on Youtube.



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