Best Evidence on Flight 235 to Date

Best Evidence on Flight 235 to Date

Video Description:

This video in the series and those that will follow will be addressing Trans Asia Flight GE235.surrounding whether or not it was real, and how we are going to get through this discussion as a team of individuals who have different perspectives as we should as individual human beings. We will also talk about how to have conversations like these with respect and dignity with our fellow truthers who disagree.

In-Video References:
Watch Max Resitance Round Table Tuesday, 8PM EST HERE:…
Watch WDIL Round Table Tuesday, 8PM EST HERE:…
KARIM OUELLET – L’AMOUR (Vidéoclip officiel)…


Its about time we find a video we can finally agree with and a perspective we condone.

Special thanks to Justin for sharing the beautiful city of Quebec with us. 🙂

Very Well Done Ottawa Expositor


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    CheLanka February 18, 2015

    Man I wish we would stop using the media-created baby babble google ga-ga term “Truthers”. The whole point of the mainstream media creating and using these labels is to marginalize the information and peg it onto what appears to be a fringe group of extremists. The term itself sounds childish and grammatically ignorant. It serves to make us sound stupid and like a bunch babies. Think how easy the term lends itself to “Twoofers” when people use it to mock others.

    These labels are purposely designed to sound juvenile and like a playground name-calling insult. It alienates people from the actual information. Please stop calling yourself or anyone else this term. The media and the elite are laughing while true freedom-fighters, patriots, truth seekers, educators, and heroes are calling them self “truthers”, and while dark-skinned people call themselves “dogs”, “bitches”, and “niggas”.

    • Avatar
      CheLanka February 18, 2015

      Language is used to alter your perception and create reality. The mainstream media and entertainment industry introduce slang terms into the pop culture lingo that only serve to further dumb us down, hold us back, and degrade ourselves.

      Everything from “bitch”, “dog”, “cat”, “pussy”, “fox”, “foxy”, etc. These are designed to associate ourselves with animals. If we perceive ourselves as animals, we accept being treated as animals (tazed, euthanized, microchipped, genital mutilation, ID tags, pumped full of shots, caged).

      Terms like “shorty”, “crib”, “barbie”, and “baby” are used to associate ourselves with a perpetual never-ending childhood. A state of arrested development where they government serves the role of parent and shall be obeyed unquestionably and will claim to be your “provider”.

      Terms like behave have evolved from “beehive” and the bee hive colony mentality. Communism of nature, found in the animal kingdom. This is why you see the honey bee logo everywhere in pop culture. I know you remember the song that literally just went “I’m a bee, I’m a bee, Imma be” over and over and over.

  2. Avatar
    dave j February 16, 2015

    If you claim anyone died or got hurt in the trans asia HOAX you are a Liar and a Fraud. MURDERERS period
    Nothing you say,do,think, and or feel matters

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