16 Countries have NOT signed on to the “Biological Weapons Convention” including GUINEA, CHAD, S. SUDAN, and ISRAEL.

Also over the weekend, 17 INFECTED EBOLA patients escaped quarantine, along with infected bedding and medical supplies in Liberia! They are not found as of the time of this video.

CDC Director names 3 main threats to our survival; New Diseases, Drug Resistant Diseases, and BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS.


With the biological bedding and medical supplies missing this brings a reminder of the North American Native Nations in which Cook introduced Small Pox by way of blankets and contaminated items. It seems as though every country accepting of those with the active virus are countries who signed on to the “Biological Weapons Convention”.

Although a country has agreed not to use a biological on other varying countries it does not mean they can not us it on their own people. As for Israel not signing it just sends red flags that Israel will do whatever Israel wants to do regarding events in the world.

The most alarming factor in the whole agenda is the mindset of those psychopaths in control. The eugenicists who believe the world should be culled. We have built such mistrust in our minds that it is not out of the prospect nor perception that they would in fact us such a disease to promote their agendas of depopulation.


Media coverage is now focusing on the experimental Ebola treatments being given to two American Ebola patients who contracted it while caring for victims in Africa — the site of the world’s deadliest outbreak.

But that Ebola treatment, created by a leading bioengineering scientist from the University of Arizona who “joked” about wiping out humanity with a “better” genetically engineered virus during a post-lecture Q&A focused on over-population issues, citing the Hollywood film ‘Contagion.’

The scientist quipped:

“Has anybody seen ‘Contagion’? That’s the answer! Go out and use genetic engineering to create a better virus… 25 percent of the population is supposed to go in Contagion.”

While this comment was made prior to the current Ebola outbreak fears, it is unsettling given the high level projects Dr. Arntzen has worked on for DARPA, as well as private biotech research. Among these are storable genetically engineered Anthrax vaccines for use during a biological attack, an edible vaccine with genetically engineered medicine/vitamins grown into foods like bananas and even work supporting efforts by EpiCyte to create a spermicidal anti-bodies grown in corn to slow human reproduction.

Statements like these hardly convey trust in a process that is already less than transparent and prone to speculation, various states of unrest and panic on the part of the public. The Daily Mail reported that much of the local population in Sierra Leone have been distrustful of medical workers there and blamed the deaths on a ‘government conspiracy’

Someone casually remarking on culling some 25% of the population with a bioweapon is THE LAST PERSON you’d want to trust with creating an already dangerous countermeasure to Ebola, which carries a death rate as high as 90%.


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