Boko Haram Kidnapping Hoax

Boko Haram Kidnapping Hoax


he Picture above is what is called Branding. They find a slogan and begin to market the hash tags by celebrities and then in flows the money. Its all about money. Money in minerals and money in contributions to finance yet another invasion of a nation we have no business in. They want it so they will market it and you will feel so good about it.  Charity begins at home folks. This nation will soon learn that hard lesson, because we refuse to care for our own right here right now AT HOME.




n in-depth look at the Boko Haram Kidnapping Hoax, manufactured to again try to gain access into Africa. First Kony 2012 now the Boko Kidnapping to get the sheeple to comply with granting mass access of the NWO into the mineral rich African Nation. The Media Hoax just doesn’t stop. “Bring the girls back” will pull at the heart strings of our nation to deliver hell onto these people in a foreign land. Have we not done enough to that nation throughout history.  It is all smoke and mirrors to affect our perceptions of what they are actually pulling behind our backs. Come on People Open Your Eyes. Since when do girls in Nigeria write messages in English. This is only for the benefit of those it is produced for. You the American suckers who will pitch in millions to save (what look like women not children) from the clutches of the evil guy in front of the green screen.

It is time to wake the dead, that’s half our nations, in case you did not know.


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