Border Patrol Agent tells ALL ( Warning: GRAPHIC IMAGES)

Border Patrol Agent tells ALL ( Warning: GRAPHIC IMAGES)
TREASON! Ret Border Patrol Agent reveals a whole lot more! Must See!


Published on Jul 19, 2014

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO)

NAFBPO Border Presentation

Reasons Amnesty is a Very Bad Idea.

The subject of what to do with millions of aliens illegally in the United States is getting a lot of attention. Congress, as would be expected, proposes a solution: amnesty. And again as one should expect, it is precisely the wrong solution, done badly.

The members of NAFBPO have extensive experience with illegal aliens and with amnesty in 1986. What you’ll see below are the reasons that we know amnesty is the worst possible solution for Americans.

There Will Be No Background Checks

The proponents of the current amnesty bill claim that bad guys will be weeded out with criminal background checks. While the bill does call for background checks the fact is this: they won’t happen and tens (even hundreds) of thousands of criminal applicants will be approved for legal residence because of the failure. Who will take all those fingerprints and how will they be submitted? Law enforcement agencies will not tie up their personnel and equipment doing them. The electronic equipment to take and submit prints is expensive; who will buy it? Who will pay for the online hookups? And whom do we trust to take the prints, whether in ink or electronically? Volunteer agencies? (Watch for the upcoming Fraud writeup.) The FBI has admitted that it will not be able to keep up with the volume of submissions in the time period allowed for amnesty. What we will see again is what happened in 1986: applications will be approved by default after the period for a response “times out.” In 1986 it was six weeks. Many applications were approved by default and many of those were found later to have had disqualifying criminal records but the law made it impossible to go back and reconsider the case – the files were sealed. Even if it revealed a criminal arrest warrant the agency holding the warrant could not be notified.

Furthermore, if an application was denied based on a criminal record the applicant could not be referred for deportation proceedings – he was allowed to stay illegally in the U.S. The proposed law mimics that procedure and where it doesn’t, regulations will. Criminal gang members cannot qualify unless they sign a statement renouncing their gang affiliation. We leave the outcome of that provision to your imagination. Foreign record checks? NAFBPO laughs at the thought and you should, too. They simply cannot be had in most cases, and when obtained from countries where corruption is standard operating procedure they are unreliable. Think about legalizing cartel drug dealers and assassins, terrorists, murderers and pedophiles. We will not be able to identify them before we place them on a path to citizenship. In short, the stage is set to legalize a great many aliens who are dangerous to America and Americans. Those in Congress pursuing amnesty know all these things and are willing to let it happen anyway. The only way to avoid this social disaster is to hold their feet to the political fire.


Zack Interview-Security on the border between USA and Mexico



Zack Taylor’s Keynote Address


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    Anna S January 02, 2015

    Our government is the enemy. The cesspool we call Congress is fife with corruption!!! Shameful… barry soetoro/soebarkah is destroying this country more and more each day!!

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