Boston Bombing Defense Lawyer Judy Clarke EXPOSED

Boston Bombing Defense Lawyer Judy Clarke EXPOSED

Sources: Joyce Riley: The Power HourInfowars  & MattyD4truth

This is huge information and should have the public demanding answers and open disclosure.
Judy Clark was a virtual unknown in the legal community at the beginning of her career. Within a few short years, Ms. Clarke became a federally appointed legal representation for several high profile cases including the “Unabomber” Ted Kaczynski, 9/11 suspect Zacarias Moussaoui , Tucson Shooting suspect Jared Lee Loughner among others.

We suspect this lawyer Judy Clarke has been hand-picked to only represent these high profile cases to steer the outcome accordingly of these national high interest cases. Despite their atrocious crimes, these defendants have been suspiciously saved from the death penalty. Following the verdict, these people are never again allowed access to various news or investigative representative again. This leaves the outcome suspect as to whether or not these individuals are actually in jail.

Many not only within the “Independent Journalistic Investigative Community” have been suspicious of these patsy type setups and resulting outcomes of questionable trials, others have sat up to take note regarding the limited access to these apparent criminals for questioning and follow up on their locations and circumstances. All this information of their disappeared situations should be questioned not only by independent investigators but the mainstream media as well. There is obviously a hush hush situation between the federal government, law enforcement, prison establishment and the media.

Why do we never again hear anything regarding these people or verification that they are in fact locked away behind bars.

Of further interest is the fact a judge has denied Tsarnaev a second appointment to represent his best interests. Please read picture caption.


A judge on Monday approved the appointment of death penalty expert Judy Clarke, who grew up in Asheville, to defend 19-year-old Tsarnaev. But judge Marianne Bowler denied, at least for now, a request from Tsarnaev’s public defender, Miriam Conrad, to appoint a second death penalty lawyer – David Bruck, a professor at Washington and Lee University School of Law. Source:


Also Read: Judy Clarke endorses intensive training program of a Win-Win program for both the prison system and prosecution teams on eliminating the death penalty on convicted terrorists. Note: this article and procedures were being put into place in 1996.

In conclusion this leaves us with heavy suspicion none of these supposed life sentenced individual (criminals) are
actually serving time for these manufactured terrorist attacks.

It has in fact become the norm that now to avoid the theatrics of trials and questions,
the story line has switched many just end up dead. As Disney says in their make believe world “Dead Men Tell No Tales”.

We must note: It is no stretch of the imagination to conclude the possibility of these individual being within some sort of (black op)
relocation program in payment for their contribution towards public deception.

Honestly, due to the lack of open accountability on the part of the prison institutions and federal government,
we can’t determine 100% that these individuals were not just subversive agents,
set in place to carry out heinous crimes against the nation.


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Making events like these seem very manufactured:

An Envelope Sent to White House Tests Positive for Cyanide, Secret Service Says |  An envelope sent to the White House tentatively tested positive for cyanide, the Secret Service said Tuesday. Agency spokesman Robert Hoback said in a statement forwarded to TheBlaze that a White House mail screening facility received the envelope on Monday. Initial tests were returned negative, but a later chemical test indicated the… envelope was positive for cyanide.

The sample was sent to another testing facility to confirm the results. The Secret Service would not disclose any further information. “As this is an ongoing investigation, the Secret Service will have no additional comment,” Hoback said in the statement.


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