Boston Bombing Proof Case Closed!!!

Boston Bombing Proof Case Closed!!!

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From YouTube channel John Smith. WELL DONE! SHARE THIS!…
Boston bombing, shaking Jeffs wheelchair, badges and more bullshit. But the best is Carlos reading off his badge to see what the dumb shit has gotta do. I believe it did not go to plan when Bauman could get his legs on, this is why Carlos hangs around doing sweet fuck all. He has to read his script printed on his badge. Also featuring Rene fielding the director of emergency management the king pin. Original sourced from Zak Zauraus. I found it deleted in internet archive. I will upload the original as well.

Taken from a segment of our Interview with Nathan Folks Nov. 25, 2014


olutions regarding the ongoing situation of drills turning live, Nathan addresses the effect we could have by creating a citizens oversight committee to go out and film the various drills scheduled by Home Land Security and comparing the footage with that of the mainstreams release of these events. It’s Mr. Folks belief, as it is ours that these drills are filmed and then edited for release on the public as real events. So much of what he witnessed in the Boston Bombing convinced him this was a produced event.

Although the audio on UpNorthOfThe49th’s portion was poor the idea is to suggest individuals go out to these drills and film as much footage they can on those who are participating in them. Upload the contents of your video to Youtube, Vimeo or other such outlets and let us know when you have done so. Possibly using the catch tag in your video title “Homeland Drill” and then the location and date. We can then have an archived place to go to view the footage and compare characters within the drills to those who are being pawned by the Mainstream media as actual victims, in the live events. We encourage you to go to these events in your area and no matter how boring you may think the footage is. Upload it and we can peruse to compare it, when a similar proposed live event happens in those areas.

We know that some events may well be planned or drilled in one area and then released in another. We believe it is all important footage for us to review and fall back on to compare.

Again if a drill is scheduled in your area go out and film it as though it were some major Hollywood production. Take note of all the participants and get their faces on video. Upload and put Homeland Drill somewhere in the title along with the location and date, so we can find all the segments everyone has released. This is how we can create a citizens action team towards accountability on such events. This way it will assist outright in identifying these perpetuated false flag events.

Boston Urban Shield



Urban Shield Boston’s Facebook pages show and explains much of what was going on in May however as previously reported by many alternative and mainstream news outlets a Major Urban Shield Drill was going on during the Marathon itself. Warning were given out to many participants in the Marathon that explosion’s and loud bomb sounds would be heard and not to panic.

Source of flyer: UrbanSheildBoston

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