Boston WEAK

Boston WEAK


The Boston Strong Hoax continues, the many focus on all the supposed poor victims. We know the truth yet the charade continues. Send money, help those who were injured. The massive influx of donations to these people leave me believing many major groups and organizations are using this fiasco as a write off. Ever wonder who is donating in mass to these people. You and I can barely make rent and payments. Yet the cash keeps flowing to these hoaxsters. I am of the opinion by way of donations and tax free havens these people are being paid off largely in part through the foundations built for them. The did their part in taking more of our rights and freedoms and are being paid handsomely for their treason towards you and I. Let me ask. Have you contributed towards the Boston Strong Relief Funds? Schools continue to collect for victims and various organizations continue to collect for these so called victims. Question is how much should they be paid for their injuries? It is my opinion the funds are also going towards building the next bigger and better false flag to catch us in. What are your thoughts on this?

How Much More Proof Do People Need To See This Is A Hoax? It was Obvious from the start.


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