BREAKING: FOUND – Energy Weapon That Destroyed the TWIN TOWERS?

BREAKING: FOUND – Energy Weapon That Destroyed the TWIN TOWERS?

Brookhaven National Laboratories Particle Accelerator:

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Building upon the theory some type of directed energy weapons was implemented on 911, Enterth5t4rz shows us a possible location of such a weapon. Many events point to the common knowledge of our past has been hidden and many devises have been secreted away by governments and the elites.


This is an amazing find by Enterthe5T4rz & his subscriber:

This information is very interesting in regard to the theory of directed energy weapons being used to take down the Twin Towers. During the course of Dr. Judy Wood and her data collected directly from NIST, indicating some type of energy weapons were used seems to be validated by the close proximity of this Laboratory. Much like Cern and the many theories like ours CERN: Supercolliders, Subliminals, & Stargates  stipulating there are more than just one specific Cern outlet.

The theory of no planes has long been a focal point on how this whole crime had been implemented and enacted by using the power within a super-cell storm to generate enough power to pull the event off.

There has long been many researchers who have done extensive research focused on the point of no planes, and specific materials being targeted by some type of directed energy weapon. Some have also pointed out the possible pre-knowledge of the up coming incident and stated there were no bodies recovered or deaths in relationship to the actual building. You can find their extensive work here. Well worth the read on the dedication that has gone into the site, documentation and reviews of the facts collected.

False flags have been going on for a very long time. Sandy Hook, Aurora and 911 are only skimming the surface of the orchestrated events a rouge government has perpetrated on the people in order to have many sanctions and restrictions placed upon their populations. We believe there are many events back in history which have been a cover for testing of black projects. During the Sandy Hook Hurricane blocks of buildings seemed to have been a focal point for some type of directed weapons to ignite neighborhoods, pointing to the fact all other adjacent buildings and properties were untouched by such a powerful storm. This is not indicative of a hurricane’s resulting damage. Insurance adjustors and various other personnel surrounding the events have made public statements the extent of the damage was questionable and peculiar from any prior storms they had ever witnessed. When professionals express concern regarding these observations we as the public should have paid attention.

Whether you believe in the directed energy weapons theory or not you owe it to yourself to checkout this site on some of the basic data and observations made.  Until recently I had not seen this site and its importance in the investigation of the 911 events. It is a very interesting collection of many minds working on a specific anomaly we all agree as particularly strange and suspicious.

This was the smoking gun of all false flag hoaxes pulled by a Government on its citizenry and the world. There is much to continue investigating on this specific topic. We are all aware a massive attack has always been in the background upon serious investigators.

Keep in mind while doing your own investigation into the information presented by these sources that much of these types of weapons or circular patterns were all around the world in ancient history. The elites have taken great pains in hiding our past by collecting a destroying important sites and artifacts. Recently this intentional destruction has continued. Is it a plan to reset and hide the past even more from us? Who knows? However with many sites like the tomb of Jonah and various others sites destruction its well worth considering they are destroying artifacts with a specific intention of hiding even more from future generations.


The cars literally point in one direction, Brookhaven Labs. The smoking gun……



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