Breaking: NATO Troops in Ukrainian Uniforms?

Breaking: NATO Troops in Ukrainian Uniforms?
Just released: Video Proof NATO Troops Are Impersonating Ukraine Military Forces.

In the article below, a conversation was recorded of what appears to be Ukraine Military in conversation. Note the conversation is being held in Italian not Ukrainian. A passerby noticed they were speaking Italian (again a language not used commonly by Ukrainians.) and felt he should catch their exchange on video.

Video 1 – Our Source Confirms the Articles Content as Correct.

The translated article indicate that the Italian language is not used in the Ukraine all the time. Which is correct. What is very disturbing are the men are dressed as Ukrainian military soldiers and acting as if they are in fact the Ukraine forces.

NATO – troops in Ukraine Uniforms?


Original Video Source:
Also Note: in the Video Above the fire burning behind the soldier. These troops are lighting many fires as they progress.


Our Source who happens to be in the vicinity explains to us here at and confirms the Italian language is not used commonly in Ukraine and these men are in fact impersonating and dressed as Ukraine Military.

But that’s not all. On the following video which was taken at Jasnogorka also new (and expensive) Hummer military vehicles from U.S. production running in the Ukrainian armed forces convoy between the ancient trucks. The question whether this is vehicles which were bought by the U.S. billions “invested” or whether Greystone/Blackwater mercenaries are in it arises here.

Our source has confirmed the military vehicle in the following video is not native to the region and must be drawn to the conclusion it is a NATO Armored Vehicle.

Video 2 – Our Source Confirms this Articles Content as Correct.


Ukraine Citizens using their own bodies,  try to stop the progress of tanks and military vehicles progressing further into their country.


Translation of Description for Video 2.
While Russia permanently is accused of that the soldiers without identification in the east and south of the Ukraine would proceed without having proof, the circumstantial evidence of an active NATO intervention multiplies with that.


Further Proof that NATO and U.S. Troops ARE Impersonating Ukraine Military


It has been also openly discussed among the citizens of the Ukraine that Blackwater type forces have gone in and are responsible for setting fires in the region.



This fire claimed many lives of innocent citizens in the region. Notice the people in this video are victims of a fire and not as has been indicated on Western News Media as Protesters.




Translation: Victims of Kievan coup



Translation: The EU’s burnt sacrifice, and U.S. policy in Ukraine killed by pro-American coup.


These troops continue to fire upon citizens and keep them in constant fear for their lives.



Jumping from Fires in the hope to survive:


A new video from Odessa shows a man shooting at the people in the burning house of the trade unions. At least 39 anti-government activists died in the blaze on May 2.


A connection to who these BlackWater/Xe type mercenaries are:

New Call of Duty (2014) | Superpower For Hire


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