Building a Survivalbow / Preppers Kit For Your Car

Bow used in this video: Composite Bow “Falcon 3” by Lajos Kassai. Review and learning experience: 1. Bow: The limbs were a little bit too weak, next time I gonna attach one more limb to make the bow stronger stronger. Maybe birch is not the perfect material for a bow, cause it seems too springy. 2. Arrow: The arrow did a good job, especially the feathers astonished me, but the tip got loose after a couple of shots, so I have to tie the tip tighter to the shaft next time, and glue it in better. The shaft was too soft, with too little spine. The reason was that I used buckthorn for the arrow, which is growing straight but is just too soft. All in all I was pretty happy with the bow 🙂 – alonewolverine1984 Preppers Kit For Your Car Part 1 of 2 In a real bug out situation I would take all food, water, pots that I have in my flat. – alonewolverine1984 Preppers Kit For Your Car Part 2 of 2  – alonewolverine1984


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