Buy Local & Support Local – Communities Depend On It

Buy Local & Support Local – Communities Depend On It

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This is a reminder to think about spending a little extra to keep business’ in your communities open. Far to much of our hard earned money is going offshore for cheap goods. Quality and value is based on your support to local business’ and farms. If you and others buy locally then prices will decrease.

Many believe that our prices are to high locally. The only reason for that is quantity is low therefore the cost of goods must be increased. Local farmers and producers of goods keep their prices as low as possible, just to get an income. We need to reclaim our industry, small farms and local business back from the Chinese markets. If we don’t we will no longer exist as a viable producer, thus our Gross National Production decreases and big agro and large manufactures either take advantage of small farms failures (by stealing your family farms for pennies on the dollar) or offshore the products to cheaper countries.

I will try and break this down as easily as possible. Understanding the design of the elites is an important part to understanding how the catch phrase “Redistribution of Wealth” comes into play on a local level. Redistribution of wealth does not mean the “Rich Peoples” wealth it means yours. What “they” (Globalists) want to do is take business from our countries and produce it offshore to force us to go out of business. They can then pick up our viable land and business’ at a much lower rate. Thus will either close the business and farms while killing competition or move business’ to create a lower quality products. Lower priced products only comes from higher productivity by lower wage workers. As goods, services and products decrease to be made in our countries, we are forced to decrease our own wage earnings in order to continue to work. We will have to work for less or starve, that is the agenda. They will bring our workforce down to compete with other markets goods. Pretty soon we have no jobs to buy products and the other nations who’s wages just increased a fraction to level everyone out (Redistribution of wages) will be able to purchase. We won’t be able to buy due to the fact of increased cost for shipping to our nation, something they won’t have to contend with as they are the producers. Does this make sense to you?

Buying cheaper products does not mean a higher design, quality or value for your dollars. What it means is, it will force all our nations workers to decrease their standard of living or income. Do you believe for one minute the $1.00 a day worker can afford the items they produce? No! If they reduce your cost of fair wage for fair work or minimum wage standard then you can no longer afford goods or products again this has (Redistributed your Wealth) given jobs away.

Currently we have noticed there are less jobs for our children, these jobs are being filled by Immigrant workers. Workers who will allow “Them” to pay lower wages in chain stores and shops, because that lower wage is better than these immigrants have ever gotten in their own nations.

We as a nation are cutting our own throats by buying offshore products from Mexico, China, Japan, Philippians and so on. Buying products from countries that fall within our same values of fair workers wages are the outside nations we should support. Products from Germany, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States where fair market workers are employed should be the support you give.

Understand that although the item is a little more expensive it is built locally and supports your community. Also the consideration that if the item is faulty you can deal directly with the manufacture of the item or goods. When you invest locally you invest in your own future. When you pay a bit more for a better quality item locally you are assured it is a better item. For instance if I were to buy a potato peeler as an example from China at a cheap price I am bound to pay twice to three times as much to replace that item more often, than if I had bought one locally. If I have a problem I can return to the manufacture, if I find its dangerous I can hold someone accountable or converse to help with a better item. We should consider while I am supporting that local producer, company, farmer, manufacturer and so on, I am assuring a continued job within my community as well. When locals prosper, customers prosper and a nation continues to thrive.

Not just during the holidays, please consider this focus all during the year. Is it of more value to you to buy cheap products and not know where your food is grown, or who is producing it? Or is it not more value to you to keep your community working, know who and where your food and items are from? Always remember its better to quality over quantity. You get what you pay for and you reap what you sow. Don’t sow yourself out of jobs and a life for spending more money on cheap STUFF you have to replace!  Logic dictates you will actually save more by buying better products. Please purchase locally first, nationally second and internationally with countries of your moral ideologies. If we support our farmers we can then demand no more GMO’s, take the markets back.

Support you small coffee shops, gift shops, grocery stores, farmers, ranchers, garages, hardware stores. The list is long locally that is away from the chain stores.

Thanks for reading my rant 🙂 Happy Holidays and WE here at MaxResistance and InsaneMedia wish you all the best during the fast approaching New Year. We would hope the New Year will be uneventful, however we’re sure is a wrong assumption.

Many Thanks to everyone who supports our efforts by sharing our content. Happy Holidays

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    Kaz December 23, 2015

    Thank You So Much Max Resistance for supporting Mark Baker. He is an organic NON GMO type farmer in Michigan. The state has been attacking Mark’s family farm for almost 4 years straight. WE MUST continue to bring to the light the tyranny this Gov’t thrusts upon the people of this Once great Nation!!
    Click the link to find out where and how the attack began.
    Baker’s Green Acres Attacked By The DNR (US GOV’T)

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