Canada Parliament “Shooting” Hoax? False flag PRE-STATIONED CAMERAMEN

Canada Parliament “Shooting” Hoax? False flag PRE-STATIONED CAMERAMEN


he evidence mounts as Dutchsinse shows the pre-stationed cameramen set in place and ready to film. The media line to the public regarding the reason for so many media present at the parliament building, was in regard to the Security Measures Bill being voted on. Well to the ordinary person who reads the newspapers each day and watches to Mainstream Media on a daily bases there was no such indication in the headlines of this bills implications, nor that it was being voted on by parliament. The belief is the bill was far to strict and did not reflect Canadian Values therefore the bill was about to be put down.

With a false flag event like this put into place and a fear measure taken against the members of the house, who would have otherwise elected to vote the bill from existence. The lobbyist and the New World Order minions determined the best situation before the bills demise, would be to effect a false flag to generate the needed fear to implement the bill at a later date. Convenient yes, the vote was postponed and the bill will be presented at a later date. How much would you like to bet the public again will receive no notification of the vote date on this draconian bill.

Each country is going through passing these measures within this bill. Each country is uniformly being pushed to accept the language and ideals within the bill. No matter what country you are in this bill will affect your free speech, your rights and freedoms and your right to access and use information and travel unmolested. You may not think this will affect you, however if you use a phone, the internet or read a magazine this bill will affect you. If you have an opinion on your provincial, federal or local level, this bill will affect you. It will restrict your right to express your opinions fare and openly, it will affect at what price you will purchase internet or use your phone access. This is the most draconian bill that is being implemented World Wide. This bill will affect you if you want to travel in your car or by any other means. This bill indicates that if you are stopped and requested to remove any part or parts of your clothing you are absolutely required to do so, or you will be imprisoned for no more than 3 months and fined under the 3rd scale of index. The price of goods or of access to virtual services will also be left wide open so you can no longer affordable access information you now take for granted.

The Full Reference Documents are only one example, however keep in mind if you search for these measures they are all constructed in the same language.

Source: Uk Anti-Terrorist Crime and Security MeasuresĀ  Looking at Scotlands Bill (make note of section 18 on Hoaxes Also please note all you have to do with this document is place President/Prime Minister/ Crown/ Whatever title of governance into the name / place or country as they are all written the same. Also of Note: The Title of Secretary of State is Obama as he was placed at that position in the U.N. these are the most important document you will ever read.

Meanwhile a Hero is born:


e walks around with a gun in his hand in front of the camera men, so they can later assure the blind masses he really did shoot the terrorist. You can see this is scripted! When he walks to a locked door and then back and out of view. We’re not so stupid as to believe this, are we? I have faith in you Canada, don’t eat the crazy pie on this one.

If you still believe in coincidences, then your simply not paying attention!


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    Timeline October 26, 2014

    09.11.2014 Seattle – King Station -Train nuke-

    Boeing, Olympia, 9+1+1+2+1+4=18 666

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    Ryan October 25, 2014

    First and foremost, IF you will write something with such seriousness, be sure you check grammar and spelling! It is completely unprofessional when something so serious has such bad mistake(s)!

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