Canada’s Hoaxes May Cloak Ongoing Coup – Abel Danger

Canada’s Hoaxes May Cloak Ongoing Coup – Abel Danger


s Canada capitalizes on the Ottawa Shooting, pulling at heart strings and leading the sheep to enact unlawful laws there circumvent their rights and privileges. Field McConnell and David Hawkins take an in depth look at the circumstances surrounding the recent Ottawa shooting at Parliament. An interesting view of the these events on how the shooter got passed the security guards and well into the area within Parliament. All of this scenario regarding the attempt at Parliament appears extremely suspicious. It appears to be a well choreographed mission to incorporate unacceptable laws, positions and mandates into effect.


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s Stephen Harper continues his quest to unseat Tammy Fay Baker as biggest user of makeup in history, Field McConnell has linked David Cameron’s alleged laundering of dirty money through Private Finance Initiatives (‘PFI’) with the Offender’s Tag Association to Serco hackers in the U.S. Defense Ammunition Center and Bob Paulson’s alleged use of the RCMP’s Wandering Persons Registry to track a shooter into the Parliament Building on October 22 and a fatal encounter with some 9mm ammunition. McConnell believes that Cameron launched the Treasury’s Private Finance Initiative in 1992 out of the St. Ermin’s Hotel in London where 10 years earlier, his White’s associate Tom Stacey had launched the Offender’s Tag Association with Serco (then RCA GB) and about 50 years earlier Churchill had launched some Special Operations Executive (SOE) projects such as the 1944 Operation Foxley to assassinate Hitler where a 9mm parabellum Luger pistol with a British-made suppressor was provided by Serco…

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Today the Chronicle Herald (Nova Scotia) published cartoonist Bruce MacKinnon’s image of the national war memorial’s bronze World War I soldiers offering a hand to Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, the 24-year-old reservist who was died right on this spot, yesterday.

This image being a public representation within the news media format, falls under the Fair Use Act of Canada for criticize and educational purposes. Being a publicly publicized image.


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