Canadian Terrorist, Attack or Coup : R.C.M.P’s Illegal Mass Gun Grab


RCMP’s Arbitrary Gun Ban is Frightening

By: Lorne Gunter,QMI Agency 7:52 am, March 5th, 2014

Even if you think it’s a good thing that a line of scary looking Swiss rifles are now banned in Canada, it should really scare you that they were arbitrarily declared illegal by police, not Parliament. It is a dark day when police, not the people’s elected representatives, can suddenly transform thousands of ordinary, law-abiding Canadians into criminals with the stroke of a bureaucratic pen. Last week, Mounties declared a list of Swiss-made, military-looking rifles to be “prohibited.” The banned models had been sold legally in Canada since 2000 and as many as 13,000 Canadians own one or more. Like many Swiss commodities, such as watches and chocolates, these well-made firearms are high-end items costing $3,000 to $4,000 or more.

Initially the word was that as of 10 p.m. Eastern time last Thursday, these guns were to be surrendered to the government without compensation. Firearms shop owners, who had them in inventory, likewise were expected to turn over their stock to the government which would not pay for the property it was confiscating. (The federal government announced Monday a five-year amnesty for owners of the Swiss rifles, saying they won’t face the threat of criminal charges.) Why were Mounties so keen to prohibit these guns? The short answer is RCMP bureaucrats had convinced themselves the gun were variants of an automatic rifle that had been banned in Canada for more than a decade.

Many firearms experts and collectors disagreed. They claimed the newly banned models had always been legal (even though the model they resemble had long been illegal), precisely because their inner workings did not allow them to function like the machine gun that was banned. And that’s what makes the RCMP’s arbitrary gun ban so frightening.

Imagine what a scary country this would be if police could simply, at will, determine what objects or actions were legal and which were illegal. Say you were driving down the street in your fast, powerful sports car when suddenly police decided such autos were too dangerous to public safety. So they outlawed them on their own accord. Presto, you have become a criminal mid-cruise. More Canadians are stabbed to death each year than are murdered with legally owned firearms. Perhaps police view this as a perilous situation and decide, without asking permission from MPs, to outlaw kitchen knives with blades longer than four inches – in the name of public good, of course. Overnight millions of Canadian moms would become wanted felons.

Much as Canadians respect the job the RCMP and other police forces do, it is rightly a nightmare to think police can just make up laws as they go along. It is a very important safeguard of citizens’ rights that elected officials make the law and police only enforce those laws. In many ways, the Swiss gun ban mirrors last June’s High River gun grab. There, too, in the wake of last spring’s mammoth Alberta floods, the RCMP appear to have decided arbitrarily to break into the homes of nearly 2,000 law-abiding residents and strip the places of guns because they feared residents’ anger might be turned on police or politicians once the town’s forced evacuation was lifted. All of this stems back to the Liberals’ 1995 gun law, C-68. In the name of public safety and reduced crime, that law give police all sorts of powers to make up anti-firearms laws as they went along.

It was under the powers granted by this law that the RCMP banned the Swiss rifles last week. So the federal Tory government has some complicity in all this. When in opposition, they campaigned on getting rid of the C-68 – all of it, not just the gun registry. Now their failure to keep that promise is coming back to bite law-abiding Canadians.

Amnesty would cover owners of both recently banned rifles, say feds.

By: Daniel Proussalidis

OTTAWA – The federal government will offer an amnesty for owners of both the Swiss Arms Classic Green carbine and the CZ-858 rifles, both recently prohibited under new RCMP reclassification. Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney’s office confirmed that much Tuesday, but not reports that the amnesty would last five years, nor have they provided details on what rifle owners are allowed to do with rifles.

Independent MP Brent Rathgeber says he wants to know how the government will change the laws that allowed the RCMP to reclassify the rifles last week, “extinguishing the liberties of thousands of law-abiding Canadians.” “When are we going to see specific definitions of prohibited firearms and variants thereof?” Rathgeber asked Tuesday. “When are we going to see clear regulations in place to protect law-abiding gun owners from arbitrary bureaucratic (decisions)?” Blaney had no answers in the Commons, but he told Rathgeber that the feds are “examining all options at the moment.” Blaney’s amnesty takes away the immediate possibility of prosecution and prison for Canadians who own the rifles.

An estimated 9,800 CZ-858s and 1,800 Swiss Arms carbines have been sold in Canada. Lawyer and gun law expert Ed Burlew says there wouldn’t be enough room in Canada’s prisons for all those people anyway. “They’d have to double the size of our jails,” said Burlew. “It would be equal to the present number of people in jail now.” The latest stats from the Correctional Service of Canada put the current federal prison population at just more than 15,000 people. With a three-year minimum sentence for possession of a prohibited weapon, Burlew figures the prison costs would balloon by “hundreds of millions of dollars.” Keeping one federal prisoner behind bars for a year costs taxpayers about $110,000.

High River Gun Grab: Broken Trust: Sun News documentary examines

the controversial actions of Mounties following Alberta’s floods

By:  LorneGunter, QMI Agency

I don’t want to be right about what Mounties appear to have done in High River this summer after southern Alberta’s historic June floods forced the evacuation of all 13,000 townspeople. I don’t want to believe our much-admired national police force used the cover of the worst natural disaster in Canadian history to conduct a mass seizure of guns from the town’s law-abiding firearms owners. But having covered the High River Gun Grab for the past six months — and especially after having worked three months for the Sun News Network on a documentary about the confiscation (which will premiere Tuesday at 7 p.m. Eastern, 5 p.m. Mountain) — there is no escaping the conclusion that Mounties did indeed break down the doors in more than a third of High River’s 5,300 homes in a deliberate attempt to disarm the civilian population. It is one of the most massive violations of civil and property rights in modern Canadian history.

The RCMP may believe they were acting with the best of intentions, to keep the guns safe from looters or maintain public order as evacuees began returning to their homes two or three or even more weeks after the rising Highwood River overflowed its banks. But the very fact that Mounties thought it was better for High Riverites’ safety to leave 1,900 of their homes with doors smashed off the hinges — wide open to thieves and the elements — rather than leave homes locked with guns locked away safely inside, shows just how distorted police thinking has become regarding private ownership of guns. More than 15 years of enforcing the Liberals’ ridiculous gun control law — Bill C-68 — has turned police logic on its head. Now, far too many officers see a duck hunter with a pump-action shotgun locked in a closet in the basement as as much of a threat as a meth dealer with a Glock tucked in his waistband. Mounties have developed such an Us vs. Them mentality when it comes to civilians with firearms that it probably made sense to them to batter down doors to hundreds of private homes and snatch all the guns they could find. That quickly became Job No. 1 — not rescuing survivors, but disarming the town’s population. In Tuesday’s documentary, you’ll see photos of the damage Mounties did and hear stories of the havoc they rained down on hundreds of ordinary homes. If you’re tempted to think the RCMP’s actions were justified, imagine if they were loose in your town — in your house. Imagine that instead of taking guns they were seizing your laptop, your smartphone and your banking records after some natural disaster had forced you and your neighbours to seek refuge in arenas and school gyms. The Mounties had no warrants for what they did in High River. Nor did they seek judicial permission after the fact, as required by law. Alberta’s emergency management law may have authorized their actions, but only if the RCMP had received specific orders from the provincial government to do what they were doing. Yet both the RCMP and Premier Alison Redford’s Tories insist no such orders exist.

And remember this: The whole time the door-busting orgy was going on, High River was under complete lockdown. No one could get into town without Mounties’ permission. They had every entrance barricaded. They even had a helicopter in the air with body-sensing equipment onboard ensuring not a soul could sneak back into town. In other words, the town was already safe when Mounties decided they had to — absolutely had to — kick in High River’s front doors. That means their goal must have been something other than public safety or safeguarding valuable private property, the two excuses they are still giving to this day.

As Assistant Commissioner Marianne Ryan (who has since been promoted to commanding officer of all Mounties in Alberta) wrote in an e-mail (obtained by access-to-information request) at 10:44 a.m. on June 21 (the day after the flood), “so far we’ve managed to effect the rescue and evacuation of 95% of the town of High River.” So if Mounties knew 95% of the town’s inhabitants were accounted for a little more than 24 hours after the flood struck, why did they break into more than a third of High River homes? Why did they break into homes unaffected by the flood? Why did they break down doors that were unlocked? Why did they return to many homes two and three times until they found the guns they seemed to know in advance were stored there? And this is the most important question: If most survivors where accounted for less than 48 hours after the flood began, why did the Mounties’ door-kicking spree go on for seven or eight days?

While preparing our documentary, the Sun News production team spoke with several High Riverites whose homes were broken into despite the fact they had registered with the provincial government and with relief agencies to say no one was left inside. It is standard procedure following floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and twisters for residents to put a large ‘X’ on their doors or sign in at shelters to reassure authorities that no one has been left behind. But in High River, Mounties ignored such signs. They broke in anyway, which again leads me to believe that finding survivors had nothing to do with their destructive actions. They were targeting gun owners, pure and simple.


What can we expect here in Alberta, from our Premier who after just a few weeks in office attended the Bilderberg conference in Chantilly Virgina. We see her agenda and we see her as a New World Order Puppet. We need to take swift action to stop anymore of this draconian despotism.

A final note: The Police and Military seized family heirlooms that had been in the families for many years, handed down one son to another. The RCMP told these families (after all their belongings were washed away or destroyed) if they could produce their paperwork for the firearm they could get them back. These were mostly non-restricted guns. Most never registered, nor ever having to have this so called paper work filed on the firearms, by these families. How do you suppose these families got back their antique firearms? Answer: They didn’t. I believe most will end up inside of these thieving RCMP’s officers personal collections. BTW due to the moist circumstance during the theft these guns were not tagged to the homes they were taken from. Enough Said!!!!

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