Cars Caught LEVITATING On CCTV Video

Cars Caught LEVITATING On CCTV Video

Strange footage was caught on Chinese closed circuit television (CCTV) in the city of  Xingtai, China.

In the following videos we see three cars come to an intersection, then seemingly levitate. The official story says they hit a downed electrical cable, yet we see no such cable. Why would the city leave a cable to be caught up by vehicles and why would they endanger the pedestrians with leaving a downed power line in the streets? What are your thoughts is this just a cable or possibly an electromagnetic field?


Video Description:

This is the bizarre moment cars appeared to levitate in the air as one drove towards a crossroads in central China.
The CCTV shows the three vehicles being pulled upwards before one rolls onto its side in the city of Xingtai.
In the video, which has baffled the internet, a van can be seen approaching a junction when the back end of it is lifted.
At the same time the front of another vehicle is pulled upwards, while the back end of a car in another lane moves.
They each crash back down onto the road with a bang, while the first, which was lifted the most aggressively, lands on its side.
Little information has been provided alongside the video and it is not known whether anyone was injured as a result of the peculiar incident.
Confused pedestrians can be seen stepping back from the cars however as they swing in the air before they later approach to check up on the drivers.

One person wrote: ‘The truck on the right snags a cable that is loose on the ground and lays across the road.
‘The truck starts to move pulling the cable tight and the cable goes up and moves all three vehicles.’
Another agreed, writing: ‘It’s a downed line being dragged by the truck on the right.
‘Just watch the reaction of a pedestrian as he runs up to the truck, warning of the problem and stopping the truck.’
A third joked: ‘Try explaining that to the insurance company.’
Chinese media reported that the incident was caused by a piece of steel cable, which was caught up in the brush of a street sweeper.
This caused the cable to be lifted into the air slightly, and pull the car upwards as it drove past.

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Do you see a cable?


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