Border Patrol: Current Crisis ‘Orchestrated By Cartels’

Source: Larry  O’Conner

The Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council says the Latin American drug cartels are “orchestrating” the current crisis at the US/Mexican border.

Shawn Moran joined me this week on WMAL radio in Washington DC and revealed one of the hidden dangers not often discussed in the context of the Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) flooding the Southern Border:

“They (UACs) are tying up agents out in the field. We believe this is being orchestrated for the advantage of the cartels there because if they tie-up our agents out in the field – they know approximately half of our people are inside our stations processing and dealing with the large groups we are catching- if an agent is taken out of the equation, the cartels then can move their products and their people across the border in south Texas almost without resistance.”

I asked Moran that if members of the cartels cross the border with greater ease because agents are occupied processing the flood of UACs doesn’t that mean non-Latin Americans like Middle Eastern terrorists could also cross the border with ease? “We catch people from all over the world,” Moran said. “The concern about terrorism and terrorists trying to fit in with groups we are catching is one that we’ve always had and is a huge concern.”

Disaster by Design: Cartels and Congress Both Benefit from the Border Crisis

Source: Breitbart News
There are tens of thousands of children languishing on our southern border because Mexican drug cartels are brilliant strategists and DC politicians are excellent enablers.

Nine years ago, while making BORDER, we filmed the arrests of children being smuggled across the border by drug cartel scouts (coyotes). The cartels knew that Border Patrol (BP) did not have sufficient storage capacity for family groups, especially children, so they quickly and strategically began inserting groups over the border as decoys. It worked awesomely. BP would be swamped processing the kids, while the cartels would hit the fence, simultaneously, in eight or nine different places with more human and narcotic traffic. Remember, the drug trafficking organizations (DTOs) use the same corridors (plazas) to move drugs and humans.

Now nine years later, border law enforcement is in chaos – orchestrated chaos. For every suffering child in detention, at least one backpack of drugs has made it across the border. Americans have the biggest hearts of anyone in the world. For every suffering child in detention, the political elite and open border activists now have the ultimate weapon to push for amnesty: kids. We Americans will do anything for children, and the political elite know it.

In 2007, we screened BORDER for the House of Representatives and the Senate. I remember a staffer from Ted Kennedy’s office commenting as she left the screening: “We didn’t know it was like this. We didn’t know.”

I told her, “Well, you do now. Tell your boss to help these folks.”

Ted sent no help. Neither has John Boehner. A few years back, I was at a lunch with then Minority Leader Boehner. I had just spent several days with border law enforcement, staging on a remote East Texas ranch. The ranch wife had reported Middle Eastern men being smuggled across the river and through her ranch. The cartels sent a message to her sister on the Mexican side of the river: “Tell your sister to shut the f**k up, or we will cut her head off and take it back to Chihuahua.”

Hudspeth County Sheriff Arvin West took this threat very seriously. His deputies had previously stood against armed Mexican military vehicles and personnel on the US side of the border, running escort for drug shipments. The federal government wouldn’t even acknowledge any of these incursions until West’s deputies filmed a confrontation. After that, the federal government pulled back to Hwy 10. Hudspeth Co. residents now say that they live in “Almost America.”

As President of the Texas Border Sheriff’s Coalition, West had been petitioning the Obama administration for surplus military equipment to use against the DTOs. The Obama administration blew him off. So on Sheriff West’s behalf, I asked John Boehner for help. He blew me off. I ran into him in a bar a few nights later. He blew me off again.

A few weeks back, adjunct university professor JD Winteregg was running against John Boehner in Ohio’s 8th District primary. Winteregg released the BEST Border Security and Immigration Plan.

The BEST Plan would first secure the border, make E-verify permanent, reimburse hospitals and emergency rooms across the country for the billions of dollars they have lost treating illegal aliens, and then implement a detailed, common-sense guest worker program that would also build up the middle class of Mexico and Latin America.

However, when John Boehner was in district and had the opportunity to discuss his immigration plan versus the BEST Plan at the Miami County Forum, he was a no-show.

Instead of Ohioans being able to participate in discourse between two possible plans to address one of America’s greatest problems, Winteregg was fired. Cedarville University cited Winteregg’s “Electile Dysfunction” ad and stated that at Cedarville, we don’t get into politics. Funny, because just four days previous to Winteregg’s firing, the Cedarville Chancellor, Dr. William Brown, participated in a press conference urging John Boehner to pass immigration reform. The next day Dr. Brown flew with a delegation of pastors to DC to meet with their representatives to further discuss the issue.

I would bet one hundred dollars and six of my best chickens that, given the chance, nine out of ten working Americans would pick the BEST Plan over Boehner’s plan. I bet John Boehner knows it too. After releasing the BEST Plan, in the last two and a half weeks before the primary, Winteregg went from 2% name ID to 53% and gained 22 points in the polls. A fair debate might have meant a change of course for the nation, and an Eric Cantor vacation for Speaker Boehner. But why bother debating when you know the kids are coming?

The point is, these guys were warned. They all knew what was happening on the border. They also all know not to let a good crisis go to waste… and if you don’t have a good crisis it doesn’t matter to a politician who you partner up with to create one. The cartels are businessmen. This crisis increases their bottom line. The political elite are agenda-driven and power-hungry. They both benefit by the suffering of children.

DC is complicit in the children’s crisis, and the American people are being played yet again.

This was disaster by design.


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