CERN: Supercolliders, Subliminals, & Stargates

CERN: Supercolliders, Subliminals, & Stargates

Opening the Door:


op culture, music videos, commercials, movies and even news stories and events have all been throwing the Cern symbolisms into our mindset. Subliminal programing has been everywhere regarding Cern and its symbolic symbols and insignias. BlackChild shows us various references of many Cern sets we may not be readily aware of. It is basically everywhere. Not only in the United States but in all countries through videos and music genres. Cern has become the mainstay of our everyday bombardment of commercial, educational and regularly daily programing and I don’t mean just on television. It is on logos and everyday items you purchase. Each day regardless of your lack of television access, it is everywhere.

Why are we being so obviously programmed to accept the use of Cern? Generalizing what BlackChild is trying to propose, we are being programed to accept an activation of Cern all around the world. to seduce us into our own destruction and possibly bring into our world things from other dimension. We know the Bible speaks of not tampering with such things, yet here we are on the precipice of opening a doorway to a new land or realm of discovery. It has become obvious to me that our exploration into space suddenly came to an abrupt halt back in 2011-2012. Possibly there is nothing more to learn in Outer Space and now is the time to explore an available inner space. We began to noticeably see a decrease in conversation of space exploration just after the Norway spiral had transpired. When Cern announced they had discovered dark matter and various other key events seemed to move us away from outer to inner space research and expansion.

When you review the many Cern pictures of Coils you begin to notice there are many not just one or two, which led me to believe there are many more than we know around the world. Take a look at these.


Some of these are obviously similar however most are not close to being one and the same projects.




Cern cms caverne Cern pt5 june06





All we are saying is how many of these are there? Remember these are massive data bases as well. The video explains that fact. One of these is named Boston and one Demey, Alice, Atlas, Tracker, Vistivia and TRT and more names. These are not all just phases of builds as the dates of completion are from 2006 – to date. I think the deception is these are all over the world in key points. We have underground Circular digging machines for tunneling or are they just to tunnel? Are they actually digging these into strategic positions all around the world?


This Boring Machine’s name is Noah1


Here is one more picture to ponder.

This is atlas-supersymmetry: What looks like possibly buildings or cities and the resonance of the world inside or under our crust. atlas-supersymmetry


ll we are saying is: These black projects are questionable and they are not Conspiracy Theory. Once you look a bit deeper into the names and locations and dates of completion you begin to realize the public is not privy to knowing the whole truth. We get little glimpses by way of controlled media articles and science neat geek snippets. Otherwise we are nothing more than the fundamental donation resource for these over priced under cover operations. Isn’t it time we find out what we are working for. If this is some type of survival or demolition project for planet earth aren’t we entitled to know? Next question is WHO will be allowed access to these possible shelters should something go very wrong with their mad science? I am sure the financiers of these projects (we) don’t have a back stage pass.


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