Challenges / Trials by Fire & Ice?

Challenges / Trials by Fire & Ice?
The Challenges: By Fire & Ice


The Fire Challenge:

Its Magic America Burning a Cross: Notice in the picture below the placement of the baseball cap Magic as well as the brief elastic, America. This is a message and symbolism of the cross burnt into the flesh. Does it indicate Magic over American Christians?






Disturbing Videos Show Young Adults Setting Themselves Ablaze
(NBC12) ERIE- Social media “challenges,” a ploy for online users to share a video that generates millions of “Likes” or “Shares” on Facebook or YouTube. It seems to be working as dozens of people nationwide have caught on to the popular “Fire challenge.”

Subjects douse themselves with a household accelerant like hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol, then they take a lighter and set themselves on fire. Many stand close to a shower for an immediate source of water.

The video get millions of hits but is it worth the glory?

“I have Facebook but I definitely wouldn’t do something that stupid or dangerous just to kill myself for Facebook likes,” 15-year old Ryan Trejchel says.

“It’s one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen,” social media user Amber Brewer says. “I don’t understand why anyone’s friends would let them do that.”

It’s not a laughing matter for Erie’s fire inspector John Widonsky.

“First of all, when alcohol burns, a lot of times you don’t see the flames like on a normal fire,” Widonsky says. “It’s almost like a clear flame so someone could look at you and not know that you’re on fire. I was amazed that people would even think to do something like that.”

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Salt & Ice Challenge:


Question is WHY? Why do this to yourself when the results are so dangerous? Please don’t comment because it’s FUN, Something to do or it proves something, because it doesn’t!


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